Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet and Tweet Part 1

When you run your own website for a living, other bloggers are like your coworkers. The only difference is that although we feel like we know each other well, many of us have only met a couple of times or haven’t seen one another in years. Visiting NYC this week, was a combination of catching up with old friends, meeting new faces and having a blast.

When I arrived on Thursday, I finally was able to meet up with Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up in New York City! We had a couple glasses of wine and caught up on all the good stuff. They were in town to meet with Self Magazine and host their own meet up in Times Square.
Wednesday was a jam packed day that started with Fitness Magazine’s Blogger Meet and Tweet #FitBlogNYC. Pictures will be posted later this evening as someone forgot to bring the connecting cord from my camera. Vendors like Reebok, Oakley, Camelback, V8 were displaying their newest products and letting us take some samples home. I’m super excited about my new pair of Oakley sunglasses that look stylish but are equipped to stay put on a sweaty nose. While I’m nervous I might look silly running 10 miles is large fashion shades, I’m pretty excited for wear them on the beach volleyball court this summer!

Bex and I showed up wearing identical tops from MPG. I seriously live in this soft and comfy long sleeve number. Rebecca is a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador which is how we both ended up at this great event.  I have more pictures with the rest of the ladies and will share them later.

The event included a variety of panels that featured well known experts dishing on their topic of poison including Joe Dowdell, who I trained with last year. By lunch, I was starving. Talking to lots of people makes me hungry. I was really excited to see what they would serve to a bunch of health and fitness bloggers. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. We were served a mixed green salad with fennel and cucumber, a barley salad with peaches and asparagus, grilled chicken, poached salmon and a fresh, berry heavy, fruit salad. I couldn’t get enough of the fruit it was so sweet and fresh.

Later on they put out mini little cookies which were adorable and delicious before our “workout.” Typically, workouts at blogger events tend to be low intensity. Well, this one put on by KiwiFit, a pop up fitness class company, was a combination of African dance, interval training and kick boxing. It was a hoot! I was laughing and sweating the entire time. I took some video and am excited to upload it! Hopefully the other bloggers wont mind 🙂

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