The Best Wedding Crash Diets

It’s officially wedding season. As a 28-year-old, I’m currently in my prime of attending them. The weight loss industry loves to feed on the bride to be. Reportedly, over 40% of brides want to lose weight before their big day, averaging 20 pounds. While some may take the right steps towards a healthy weight, others get caught up in the planning and look for drastic results in a short amount of time. One diet that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is called the feeding tube diet.

For $1500, you are given a stream of nutrients and vitamins that total 800 calories (no carbs) through a feeding tube that is inserted by a doctor in a medical facility. Patients are not regularly monitored like typical feeding tube patients, which can lead to dangerous medical side effects. Then again, what extreme diet is safe?

Actually there are a couple that you can do safely for a week that will have you losing 5-10 lbs in about 7 days. I’ve tried both and they both do work. By the end of the week, you crave your favorite foods dearly but you have lost water weight and look great in photos.

It’s water weight that you lose, not fat.

However, it is empowering to rid your body for a week of foods that may be causing weight gain, drowsiness, cravings, bloating and more. Know that these plans are made to be followed for 1-3 weeks and that is it!

The Tone It Up 7-day Slim Down is my go-to for a quick photo shoot slim down. The entire TIU program also includes a long-term plan you can follow for months, before hand, and then switch down to the 7-day slim down for the last 5. It comes with a lifetime membership that will provide daily motivation, new recipes weekly, new workouts weekly from your trainers and community support.

If you want a program that requires more than just a quick 5 lbs, start with the Eat Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno. Start with Cooler 2 and move onto cooler 1 about 2 weeks before your big day.

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