You know fitness is your passion when you travel and are so overwhelmed by amazing studios, that you WANT to work out twice a day to fit them all in. Yes, this is how I feel. I know it’s odd. Last night, I decided I wanted to try SoulCycle for the second time (NYC SoulCycle review). The West Hollywood location is just a half mile from my hotel.

SoulCycle Weho

I got to my hotel at 11 pm last night and saw there were open bikes, so I didn’t book in advance in case I couldn’t get up. Thankfully, I woke right up at 6:30 am and ran the uphill half mile to the studio. When I got there, I signed right in and rented my shoes. The single class was $25 plus $3 shoe rental, $7 cheaper than NYC. One of the guys from the front desk helped set up my bike for me.

Weho soulcycle review

SoulCycle is a total body spinning workout that infuses the energy of the music into the workout and uses light hand weights. During my first class, I had 1 or 2 lb dumbbells and thought they were too light so I grabbed a 3 lb pair. The lights go out at the start of class and you thrust into a room of intense fitness enthusiasts. I am always in awe of how fast some of the legs can spin! If I want to do triathlons, I need to learn.

Angela SoulCYcle Review

I was not sold on SoulCyle after my first class, but this one was perfect. My class was taught by Angela, a few Yelpers warned her class was intense, just my style. Not sure if it was me or what, but the movements felt comfortable, challenging and I could not stop sweating. I actually wanted to push myself beyond my limits, unlike in many spin classes I take. My heart rate was consistently around 175 BPM. The other difference with SoulCycle than other spinning classes is that they include triceps and chest exercises, think doing a push up while spinning. At the end of class, I was a sweaty mess. I burned 649 calories total in just a 45 minute class (plus 1/2 mile jog and 10 minute cool down).

Earth Bar Kale Smoothie

After class, I spotted a juice bar across the courtyard attached to an Equinox. I ordered a Green Detox at Earth Bar but customized it with almond milk and vegan protein powder. It naturally comes with kale, banana and pineapple. It was amazing. I’m going to make this regularly when I get home. Online it says it has 241 calories but it wasn’t posted at the time I ordered it.

I had a hard time choosing which studio to try out today. I also want to try Cardio Barre, Physique 57 in Beverly Hills, Pop Physique and this one class at Equinox called the Rockin’ Model Workout that sounds fun too! I also want to try more shakes at Earth Bar!

If you’ve tried any of these classes, let me know which one I should try next!

Fitness Nerd Alert: SoulCycle in West Hollywood

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  • Stephanie

    I love an intense workout, so when I tried Cardio Barre I was not impressed. I wasn’t sore at all from the workout, and the instructor was not helpful at all. It may have just been the Eagle Rock location, but to say I am not a fan is putting it mildly.

  • Maggie

    ummm that shake looks DELICIOUS ! so jealous . why cant boston have places like this… hope you are having fun and enjoying the west coast 🙂

  • G

    Hey…u should check out Cycle House while there…

    and of course The Ultimate G-Ride at gstarfit …no weights, no bands, just me, you, a bike, best house music anywhere, cool lights and I promise to blow the doors off your calories burn!!!

    Njoy and hope to see u n class sometime


  • Julian

    Fitness nerd is right! You are in the right business.

    I have been doing this for 12 years, and still to this day… all I want to do on my days off are workout! My wife thinks I’m nuts.

    And… for the record, Gstar is a mad man! Could be the best ride on the east coast!

    Julian Cardoos NS, CPT, FMS
    Fitness Manager at Stephen Cabral Studio
    Boston Personal Trainer

  • Ellen @ Wannabe Health Nut

    Walk-in classes and 7 bucks cheaper? I am so jealous! I love SC, but sometimes trying to get into a class is just not worth the effort. (Perhaps it would be if spinning was my favorite way to exercise though.) Try Pop Physique, that sounds like fun!

  • barbara

    Just discovered your blog and love it. I go to SoulCycle in Weho 6 times a week. Next time your in LA you should try Pixie out. She is the best I have tried Angela she is good but Pixie is better. She has a great energy and her music is the best.

    • Sarah

      I wanted to go back last week but didn’t have the time. I read about Pixie and per your suggestion, I will have to go check it out! What are your thoughts on cycle house?

      • barbara

        I have never taken a class at Cycle House, I was at their studio a few weeks ago to check it out and hated their parking situation. Also they wouldn’t validate my parking because I didn’t take a class. This might seem totally crazy but If I step foot inside another spin studio I feel like I am cheating on SC and Pixie. I have been going to SC since November and have only taken Pixie and tried Angela once. Hopefully I’ll see you on a bike soon.

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