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Once again, I’m traveling for work. This week, I’m in Los Angeles. Eating on the road has become the new norm since August for me. I’ve somehow managed to lose the summer cocktail pounds and tone up thanks to a very scheduled fitness routine. It could have been so easy to eat most of my meals out but I managed to keep healthy snacks on hand even when I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping, making it easy to choose healthier options when I was faced with restaurant dining.

Thanks to my Nature Box from September, when I got back from Fitbloggin, I had some energy boosting eats ready for me. Since I’ve rarely been home since then, the batch has lasted me through a two flights now to the west coast.

IMG 7252

My favorites this month were the Umami Roasted Nuts and Dried Pineapple, which of course was made without added sugar.

IMG 7253

The Pistachio Power Clusters from the were also delicious as a small bite before afternoon workouts.

IMG 7251

My other go to snacks are raw almonds, Greek yogurt, a Laughing Cow Mini Babybel with grapes, Just The Good Stuff Peanut Butter with canned pumpkin puree and almond milk as well as protein bars. Each satisfies a predictable craving and as a result I actually look forward to my snacks more than my meals. I admit, it also helps that I’ve collected quite the assortment of snacks at the various events I’ve been to, like Expo East and the generous delivery from Chobani that I received.

My other saving grace? Signing up for classes that are not cheap as is, and cost an extra $15 if I don’t show up! I sign up for classes at my local Bar Method 4-5 days a week in the morning. It has helped reduce jet lag and kept my routine consistent. I didn’t like my big box gym because there were few classes I was excited to attend that fit my random schedule. Bar offers the same class at all times during the day! If I couldn’t make it in the morning, I didn’t have to worry. I could just attend later that day. This is one of the benefits of a smaller boutique gym if you love specific group exercise classes. Learn more helpful hints to creating a gym schedule that work for you here.

Relying on delivered snacks and a flexible gym membership, I feel confident filming this week in LA. Have you had months that seem hectic but were able to hold it together? What are your favorite snacks that can always be found at home?

If you are interested in checking out the Bar Method, I have a special coupon code! Click here for Bar details!

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