A Total Body Gym Workout To Pin!

Fitfuential has secured a few partnerships with a variety of online publications. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to audition to write for one of them. I can’t share with you the name of the publications yet, but I’m in the final rounds! They’d like to see what I bring to the table so this is basically an audition post. I would love it if you took a minute to leave a comment below suggesting or helping me know what you think I could best contribute.

After training for the Urbanathlon, I took a bit of a break from my strength training. I took a Tabata class religiously on Mondays, and dabbled in a few other classes like Hip Hop Yoga, Barre Burn, even spinning! It was nice to mix things up, but I missed feeling sore. I missed having control over what parts of my body were really worked to exhaustion. I also found it hard to really max out a muscle group. When you take a class, they suggest a weight without telling you what exercise they plan to use them with. My bicep curls and dead lifts are performed with weights that differ by 50 lbs but in a class, I use the same set of dumbbells. If I knew ahead of time, I would grab heavier weights but usually you do not know what is in store.

With a vacation to South America coming up in March, I am newly motivated to target my bikini flaunting areas. My main focus this month is the booty. Here is my new workout routine I created for the next 6 weeks before my vacation. I plan to supplement this routine with cardio 3 days a week, consisting of 35-50 minute steady state and interval runs.

UPDATE: Here is how you do a Full Extension. I should have included this originally!

Feel free to pin the workout too! I’m recently obsessed with Pinterest. If you need an invite, let me know in the comments.

While you can’t target where your body loses fat, you can build muscle and lift your backside with exercises as seen above. For me when trying to lose weight, it is more important to focus on diet. This past weekend, I made a delicious new recipe using left over red bell pepper from an event with the Junior League.

I warmed up frozen grilled asparagus from Trader Joe’s and a Dr Preagers Spinach veggie pancake as sides. The main meal was a chicken breast stuffed with sautéed red peppers. I cooked the chicken in a frying pan with salt and pepper. Next, I transferred it into a preheated oven at 350F for another 25 minutes. I used the remaining red pepper and pureed it in my food processor with a dollop of Greek Yogurt, adding more pepper, salt and garlic to taste. When the chicken was done, I topped it off with the chilled red pepper topping. So simple, but so good. This is going to be a staple in my house. I made roomie’s with bread crumbs for added flavor.

While searching for a recipe to use my red pepper, I discovered a few new favorite sites. One is Foodily and the other is PunchFork. Both offer recipes from sites like Epicurious but also include blogger recipes in the search results. I’m ecstatic that blogger recipes are now being included in recipe discovery sites. I feel an adventurous chef in the making.

Tomorrow, I am posting a new YouTube video featuring another booty workout that requires no equipment at all, so if you hate that the above workout requires a gym membership, check back tomorrow on here or YouTube for another option! On a side note, my YouTube channel surpassed 55,000 subscribers this weekend! I can hardly believe it. Over the past few months, my growth rate has

Ok, so now for my pitch to the online publications: My goal upon entering college was to be a broadcast journalist. Instead of moving to a large city like New York or small market like Florida, I attempted to concur my goal while living in Boston. I was able to gain on air experience with the help of YouTube. Today, my channel has over 55,000 subscribers. Over the past four weeks, the number of weekly subscribers to my YouTube channel has more than doubled. My videos are now receiving half a million views each month! Additionally, with over 11.3K Twitter followers, 6.7K “Likes” on Facebook, and 27K Tumblr followers, I’m happy to say my hard work over the past 12 months looks to be paying off. Wanting to build credibility to my videos, I became an ACSM certified personal trainer. I am also currently certified to teach using the TRX. While I no longer train clients out of a gym, I do work with young women privately.

I’ve created a brand that not only is a reliable source for fitness and health information on YouTube, but I also am an advanced video editor with a successful healthy living blog. I’ve achieved all three accomplishments on my own, without outside help.

Here is my “sizzle reel” that I created for YouTube this summer to showcase my channel.

I created this website, SarahFit.com, to supplement the videos with recipes and more details for workouts. While my main audience is on YouTube, I equally love to write. The journalist in me however enjoys writing about thought provoking content rather than my daily diet and fitness regimen. A few of my favorite posts can be found on my Lifestyle and Features page.

I am really looking forward to being a contributor for one of the best online publications and am excited to meet the challenge!

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