Moderation: Four Loko Is Not The Problem

This is a health blog and Four Loko is causing quite a stir in health news departments.  I have not tried the beverage but am eager to after all this media hype and attention, aren’t you?  Granted it would be for a “trial” and I would only have one but still, I’m curious what all the fuss is about.  However, I have had red bull and vodka.  Isn’t it basically the same thing?  Are they going to ban bars now from mixing the two?

I think it’s some what socially irresponsible to market a drink like this to college/underage kids.  Come on, blue and purple cans that look like normal energy drinks?  However, rather than ban something all together, don’t you think there is something wrong with our country if we can’t learn a little MODERATION.  Look at our waistlines, look at our restaurant serving sizes.  Moderation is not something American’s do well at with anything, unless it actually requires effort like exercise.  Even then, marathon participants are at an all time high even when most get injured.  

If we were to ban all products that people could not control their consumption of, we would have to ban most products produced by Kellogg, Kraft, Coca Cola, etc.  Obviously that is not going to happen since many legislators have stakes in these companies and it would hurt their wallets.  However, our wasitlines are proof that American’s are failures at moderation.  As the Four Loko story has shown, the government doesn’t think we are responsible enough to learn how to drink the beverage wisely.  I’m nervous to ask but are we responsible enough to eat a single serving of chips, cereal or ice cream?  

The caffeine is being taken out or it would surely face extinction.  As seen with the Twinkie Diet, we just need to consume less.  It’s not just alcohol, it’s food as well and rather than banning something we should focus on education.

I know I’m not talking about Four Loko, but alcohol or food, we all need to learn a little moderation.  (I am not off my soap box. Thanks for listening.)

Update: Four Loko apparently has the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee and the alcohol of 4-6 beers by various estimates.  Maybe they should market the stuff in a flask and promote it as liquor?  I didn’t realize the drastic amounts when writing my piece.    

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