In honor of Memorial Day, for the past two weeks and up until tonight at midnight EST I’m giving out a brand spanking new pair of Dicks Cottons sunglasses of your choice if you purchase the Tone It Up diet plan through I know many of you have been on the fence about buying the plan so I wanted to offer you something if you are unsure if it’s worth it. If you buy the plan through a link on my site, send me a quick email at sarah @ sarahfit (dot) com and let me know which pair you want. You can look at the different styles here.

Today is the last day (By 11:59 PM EST)  to make your purchase. You get the $59 sunglasses FREE. I’ve never had a single person tell me they regret buying the plan, and a little birdie may have told me, it’s in the works to get a huge makeover in the next few months. The best part about TIU and that once you buy it, you get all the updated versions for free as well.

The Tone It Up 7-day Slim Down is my go-to for a quick photo shoot slim down. The entire TIU program also includes a long-term plan you can follow for months, before hand, and then switch down to the 7-day slim down for the last 5. It comes with a lifetime membership that will provide daily motivation, new recipes weekly, new workouts weekly from your trainers and community support.

If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, new videos are added every week! From workouts to my favorite new recipes, you will be notified of new workouts only when you log into YouTube!


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