Taking a Break As A Healthy Role Model – Memorial Day

Just because I like to have a little fun doesn’t mean I take a break from working out. Memorial Day was perfect kick off weekend to a busy summer. On Saturday, Roomie and I went for a 6 mile run. I did 30 second sprints, with 90 second recovery runs in the middle of our loop. Sunday, I went for a quick 3-mile run with 40 walking lunges and 15 pushups three times through out the distance. As far as the rest of my weekend, here is a sneak peak at why I work hard to fit in the cardio…

Saturday was a beach day in Cape Cod. The clouds came in around 3 PM and we decided to venture over to the other side of the Cape and try out a new bar called the Sandbar. While we were the only ones there, it is a new establishment and the pizza was possibly the best tasting I’ve had in Dennis. My friend showed up on his motorcycle and I decided it was a picture opportunity with my Sam Summer.Photo May 26, 8 17 55 PM

Sunday was another gorgeous day, but this time we decided we take a boat trip up to Provincetown. We had a glass of champagne and skinny girl margaritas on the 45-minute ride.Photo May 29, 4 01 41 PM

It was hot out and I decided that I might want to go swimming. Unfortunately, I was pushed in before I could carefully slip into the water without my head going under. It was time to go into town before one last drink, a delicious coconut flavored vodka shot with coconut water. I might as well have been on Spring Break.Photo May 27, 3 30 47 PM

P’town is an amazing place to visit. It is a community saturated with talented artists, delicious restaurants and jam packed bars. Here is my friend Ashley, and one of the few PG photos I took, modeling next to a muscle sculpture.

 Photo May 27, 5 19 04 PM

After hanging out at a few local shops and grabbing lunch at John Dough’s, we went to a party called the “Tea Dance” which is basically a party that goes from 4-7pm every day during the summer. It’s right on the water, and although no one goes in, the party surrounds a pool.

 Photo May 29, 4 01 55 PM

Finally, it was time to head back to Dennis on the boat after picking up some new T-shirts, salt water taffy and other souvenirs.

Photo May 27, 6 44 13 PM  

When I got home, I fell right asleep and woke up feeling great, surprisingly. On Monday, Roomie and I had tickets to the Red Sox game. They were playing Detroit and as luck would have it, the Sox won! This officially makes my presence good luck seeing as they have won both games I have attended this season.

Photo May 28, 4 13 51 PM

When we got home, it was safe to say I was in need of a little rest and recovery. Now that I got Spring Break Summer 2012 out of my system, I’m looking forward to a calm June filled with showers and weddings. I will not see my Cape friends until the fourth so that gives my liver ample time to recover.

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