Fueling my Long Runs & YouTube buddies Weekend

When I’m feeling stressed out, there are a few people I rely on to calm me down. My other saving grace is running, always has been and always will be I hope. Last night, I was lucky to have dinner with a very special group of ladies that know the exact issues that drive me crazy and know how to be supportive yet honest.

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You might recognize Cassey from Blogilates, Danny-J from Sweaty Betties, and Bex from BexLife.com. I’ve known Bex and Cassey for what seems like forever but really probably just 5 years and was introduced to Danny-J through them. We went to dinner at The Similans, a Thai restaurant in Cambridge that had plenty of vegetarian and healthy option, something that is rare for Boston restaurants. I ordered a shrimp cashew pineapple dish that was really, really good! Bad picture but the shrimp were fresh and the portion was perfectly sized with lots of veggies including various kinds of mushrooms, peppers, broccoli and onions. It came in a hollowed out pineapple so what’s not to love.

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I was the only one to have a glass of wine at dinner but Bex joined me for one at a nearby bar afterwards. We talked until midnight and didn’t even realize it! It’s refreshing to have friends in such an odd industry that I work in, that are actually willing to help and share contacts, trade secrets and ideas that make you want to run home and start your next big project. Bex especially is fabulous at putting things in perspective and helping me stop comparing myself to others.

I woke up kind of early on Saturday and headed out for an 11 mile run, that turned into 12. I always seem to be training for a race around The Head of the Charles and I rarely run as far as Harvard but for the past 3 years, I’ve been able to check out the scene mid competition. Head of the Charles is a rowing race that takes place every year in Boston, where lots of rowing clubs compete against one another. They have been blessed with perfect fall weather the past couple of years making it an ideal fall day activity here in Boston.

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There are spectators lined along my running route cheering on their school, alma mater and family members. There are also marketing tents, of course. I stopped and grabbed a little mid run fuel at ThinkThin and Core Power thanks to their mini samples and ended up saving the salted caramel GU I’ve been dying to try. I saw a TomTom tent and had to take a pic wearing mine. I really love this multi sport gps watch.

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When I got home, I had the rest of my “breakfast” which was a Ratio Oatmeal bar. I was sent the bars to try out and I can honestly say that I loved this flavor at first bite. They are all natural, gluten free, non-gmo, use hormone free protein and avoid soy. I had the 2:1 ration bar meaning there were 24 grams of protein to 12 grabs of carbs. I had half before my run along with a scoop of vega pre workout energizer. I did not need mid run fuel but had a bite of a think thin bar and swig of Core Power samples being given out by the race. I’m not being paid to say this, it really was delicious, only 230 calories and sweetened with stevia! They are sold at GNC and a brand new product.

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Since I burned over 1000 calories and have a busy day planned, I also made a smoothie with organic almond milk, Vega Sport Vanilla Protein Powder and some frozen fruit including banana, pineapple and mango.

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I’m headed to Cassey’s Boston meet up to support my pal today. Over 900 people signed up to go! Crazy. I’m not planning on doing the workout… because I ran over 11 miles today but will probably pretend to so I don’t look “too cool” for school. If you see me, feel free to give me shit. 🙂

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