Halloween Cake Pops, Semi-homemade easy DIY recipe

For Halloween, I wanted to share with you an easy, semi-homemade for the lazy baker recipe. My YouTube Network, Kin Community, asked me to participate in a special Halloween playlist featuring tricks and treats. I said I was going to create a healthy cake pop but after looking at hundred of recipes, realized this didn’t exist and the beauty of cake pops is that they are portion controlled and smaller than your average slice! Why not indulge in a small treat for the candy holiday? This recipe makes only 5 pops, perfect if you live with just one other person or by yourself and don’t want to spend the money or time making a huge batch.

Cake Pops

The beauty gurus are sharing their costume transformation tricks, the DIY experts are giving costume tricks and the rest of us are sharing Halloween treat recipes. Click each thumbnail below to watch the video to get the DIY directions or recipe. I’ll be sharing the recipe tomorrow so if you can’t wait, go watch the video now!

SarahFit  Cakepops

KinCommunity 1

Liesl’s Halloween Platter

FifteenSpatulas MummyCup

Mummy Cupcakes Recipe


SeaLemonDIY DogCostume

Dog Costume



Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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