Gender Reveal Baby #2…

While some people choose to wait 10 months to find out the sex of their baby, I’ve always known that I am too impatient to be one of them. Luckily, Nick is too.

I wanted to be able to plan when it came to Tommy. I also can’t stand surprises unless I know they are not coming. I’m the kid that used to look at her Christmas presents hidden in her parent’s closet starting at Thanksgiving. I also wanted to select a name for the baby.

Finding out Tommy was a boy at 18 weeks was so exciting and I just felt like I was adding to my positive and joyful memory bank. When he finally came out 9 days late and 12 hours after being induced, finding out that he was blonde with dimples felt like a huge surprise itself! Instead of one big happy surprise, we have two to look back on and remember and smile.

I always thought I would have a two boys ever since I visualized it during a time where I was into Tim Ferris’ motivation.

But then my sister had two girls and my brother had two boys and I thought it was fate I would be the one to have one of each.

When I first got a positive pregnancy test, I thought I was having a girl. Then I had 4 dreams that I was having a boy and changed my mind. When I had a very similar morning sickness pattern and cravings, I was convinced it was a boy. Sneak Peek said boy as well.

I 100% believed my Sneak Peek results… until I asked Instagram if they had tried the test. Literally 70% of people said they received a false result which is impossible since they have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. I asked a follow up question and learned that you have to answer the poll to see the results so people who had never even been pregnant were answering!

Nick’s mom thought I was having a girl. About 50% of you thought girl knowing my Sneak Peek results. The Mayan calendar said boy which according to my friend Jordan is VERY accurate, lol.

So we go into the appointment not knowing how to receive the news, right away like last time or in an envelope. I really regret not filming Nick’s reaction last time and apparently you can’t film in the room, so I had our technician put it in an envelope. As soon as we got into our car to drive home, I opened up the envelope.

“It’s a BOY!”

My dreams were correct. My intuition was correct. And Sneak Peek was correct…


I promise I bought it on my own and have never been contacted by the company! You can see other reviews on Amazon here. 

I filmed myself opening the envelope and my family said I don’t look excited but I am. I just didn’t appear excited or surprised on the video because I knew it was a boy and I have known since December when I got back my sneak peek results. If you want to see my initial reaction to learning I was having my second boy, watch the video here.


I’m so excited to be having another baby and am thrilled for future baby boy and Tommy to have each other. I think having a sibling close in age that is the same sex is the best. I’m very close with my sister who is 2.5 years older than I am and that will be the age gap with the boys. Sure we had our rocky moments during those adolescent and teen years but now I can’t imagine my life without her!

I also think having another boy will be easier because I have all the clothes (sort of) and toys. Since the boys will be born 6 months apart my newborn clothes for Tommy will not be helpful for #2 who is due in July. Living in the city, space is previous so it’s nice to not have to buy a second set of toys.

We already know the name now so there is little to do really until the baby arrives!

Edit to add:

We know there is a blood test we could have done through the hospital at ten weeks but our insurance wouldn’t pay for it since I’m under 35 here in Massachusetts. It would have cost much more than the Sneak Peek which I did for fun and Nick did not believe.

Photos by Lucie Wicker Photography. 

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