Giveaway: Personalized Marathon Race Day Prints

Commemorating life milestones is something we all do. From pictures or artwork to jewelry, we like to have memories of our greatest accomplishments in clear view. I have my college diploma framed somewhere. I have a bracelet my mom got me for my 30th birthday that I wear every day. And now I have this…

IMG 0381

One of my proudest moments was crossing that finish line in under 4 hours and now I (and unfortunately Roomie too) get to be reminded of that cold and wet day regularly. This personalized marathon print was made for me by JHill Design.  Based in Boston, Jennifer creates personalized marathon prints featuring your hard earned time from over 15+ races. She also makes city maps with a similar artistic geometric shape design that I’m also obsessed with.

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Today I’m giving away one personalized marathon print.

To enter to win, leave a comment down below either sharing your most proud race with your marathon or half marathon time and race name/city that you’d like to have made OR who you plan to give it to as a gift that deserves it.

If you do not win or don’t want to enter, you can get 15% until the end of May using my promo code SARAHFIT.

It is not an affiliate link, I do not benefit from you using it or not. This is also not a sponsored post either. Jennifer lives in Boston and I like supporting local entrepreneurs especially the ladies (no offense guys). It’s also easy to give someone a shout out when their work rocks and speaks for itself.

Also, congrats to Natalie in Arizona, who entered my heart rate monitor earbud giveaway from SMS Audio and Intel. You should have already received an email if you are reading this. To everyone that entered, thank you! There were over 1100 entries.

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