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  • gabriella

    I have done a couple of one day cleanses with Blueprint (they sell them at whole foods) and loved it. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be and I actually felt so full between all the juices, water, and tea. I didn’t really feel like I needed to eat anything, as much as I just missed chewing. I’d love to do a full 3 day cleanse, but it’s just a matter of shelling out the money for 18 juices.

  • lindsey

    yes! i’m doing a 3-day cleanse from a new juice delivery company in LA -- The Real Juice. It’s amazing. I am a plant-based vegan, but have never done a cleanse before and it’s been REALLY easy. The juices are so delicious!!

  • AnnaMarie

    I’ve done a juicing cleanse for a week and another time for 3 days (making my own with a juicer) and while I believe it’s a great way to kick start your body with tons of vitamins, I don’t think it’s necessary to drink just straight juice when you typically eat a reasonable diet. I admit I felt full most of the time and felt great and happy that I was getting so many nutrients directly. However, I had read that a lot of people who juice get headaches, cranky, tired, and bowel movement problems (i.e. diarrhea) because they are used to a diet full of sugars and processed foods. While I know my diet isn’t perfect, I must be doing something right because I had no adverse effects while doing the cleanse. My opinion is that cleanses are great for people are new to a healthy lifestyle and want to flush out toxins and kick some of their bad cravings. For those who have a healthy lifestyle already and eat what our bodies truly need, I don’t think a complete just juice cleanse is necessary. Maybe just adding a juice into your daily diet or several times a week is the way to go.

  • Taylor @ LiftingRevolution

    I love juice, but am very picky about it. I am lucky that in Charleston we just got a juice place that opened up by one of my boot camps and I love them. Family owned and will make it however I want. Don’t think I would do a cleanse but I agree with you, it’s good to get you going in the morning.

    THought about getting my own juicer but i think it would take the specialness out of it.

  • Joan

    Looking great in your new gear Sarah!! It must be all of that extra effort you have been putting in for your past photo shoot. You look totally happy, one can only aspire to you. You rock girl!

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