Do you need inspiration? An 82 year-old man swam 2.1 miles, biked 114, and ran a marathon to complete the World Championship Ironman race in Kona. You can run a 5K. You can run a 10K. You can do a triathlon. You just need to believe you can. I shot a ton of video while in Hawaii. To be honest, I recorded too much. It’s hard to sort through it all!  Below are some of my favorite quotes from the triathletes I spoke to.

After watching seniors cross the finish line I realized that maybe marathons are not what I aspire to conquer. My new lifetime goal is to complete a 1/2 Ironman.

What is your favorite mantra while training?

Inspiration from Kona Triathletes

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  • Claude Maugein

    Hi Sarah.
    Man, O man, O man, O man! You’re so Awesome! Thanks for posting about Hawaii Ironman, the Grand daddy of them all.
    Your video brought back such a flood of memories. I remember the waves lapping against the pier, that church steeple, the fish under me as I swam out to the boat at TA, and most of all I smelt the ocean water in that little cove waiting for the start gun. It was 1981 and a very long but fun day, etched in memory forever.
    I loved all your videos, updates, and you are so lucky to have been there with Timex. Will you post more of your footage?
    Congrats on your new lifetime goal for a 1/2 Ironman (-woman). You’ll be a top age grouper, I can see it. It’s just a matter of chiseling it out.
    Love that parade, the Timex cow bell, and the athlete interviews.
    I’m training to go back to Hawaii Ironman, and the others I’ve competed in around the world. If I can help you with training in any way, please give a shout. You’ll be an Ironwoman!!!!!!!!

  • Beth

    I don’t have a mantra currently….I should get one! I finished my first Ironman and working towards my second. It was the best thing I have ever done, I LOVED IT!

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