Healthy Boston: Tatte Bakery Opens In Beacon Hill

I frequently bitch that Boston doesn’t have adequate healthy dining options. Well, this week I got lucky and now have a new suggestion for those of you visiting my favorite city and those that live here. Tatte Bakery has locations in Brookline and Cambridge but finally, they are walking distance away from me in Beacon Hill on Charles Street!

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It’s a bakery so of course they have buttery treats that make you want to start with dessert but they also have delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch options. I went after my class at BTone with Claudia with my lunch buddies Cate and Rebecca.

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Cate and I ordered the Green & Nutty Salad and were very satisfied customers. It was so big, I brought some of it home – not because it was too filling but I talk too much and it takes me too long to eat salads. I ate the rest as soon as I got home.

If you are in a hurry, they have some meals already packaged – ready to go like at Flour. We had ours made fresh and ate at one of the high top tables. I also got an Americano with Califia Almond Milk! It’s my new favorite almond milk because the ingredient list consists of two things, water and almonds.

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The bread was delicious and you can’t see but there are apricots in there as well as goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, edamame, sesame seeds and green apple slices.

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I bought these petite pistachio meringues  that looked like little macaroon shells. They were crunchy and tasty. We also taste-tested the flourless brownie. While I kinda liked it, it was not fudgey like many flourless brownies. Cate and Rebecca were split on whether or not they would get it again.

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There are so many delicious desserts, I’ll probably try a new one each time I go like these crunchy almond tarts. Tatte Bakery also has wifi for those of you looking for a coffee shop to work at, although I probably would not want to be staring at or smelling desserts that look like this all day!

Have you been yet? What do you think is the best thing on the menu?

Tatte Bakery is located at 70 Charles Street in Beacon Hill and is open 7am-8pm M-F, 8am-8pm on Sat and 9am-6pm on Sunday.

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