Extreme Hotel: Fitness Retreat In The Dominican Republic & CrossFit Workout Video

Our second full day in the Dominican was active. Since this was a Fit Trip, the activities were actually challenging vs easy vacation mode exercise. I like earning my fruity cocktails on the beach so this style of holiday is my jam! I know not everyone wants to workout on vacation – but I am that girl and that’s why my blog is titled SarahFit

Extreme Hotel

While we did not stay at the Extreme Hotel, we had 3 activities planned here. A hostel primarily on the beach, you can stay at the Extreme Hotel for about $350/week or $60/night. Packages can include a fitness classes including yoga retreats, meal plans, circus training on the trapeze, kite surfing lessons and more. 

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I had never heard the term before, but Extreme Hotel prides itself on sustainable tourism. They have their own sustainable garden on the grounds and are the only place on the island that is totally solar powered.

Trapeze at Kaicetous Circus School

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If you just wanna jump right in, this is the place to try swinging on trapeze. It was scarier than I thought. I am not an adrenaline junkie. In fact, I hate the way it makes me feel but I still do stupid shit that gives it to me anyway. After 5 minutes of instructions and safety talk, we climbed up the ladder and went for it. I screamed the entire way.


This was out of my comfort zone. Trapeze @extremehotels #fittripdr @godomrep #healthytravel #adrenalinebaby

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It shouldn’t have been but it was terrifying. I can’t describe it. I wasn’t sure if I had the abdominal strength to get my legs up around the bar or grab the bar again to release my legs. I was even nervous about my grip. In the end, I did it three times. At the end of each round, I felt funny. Tingling almost, slightly high or buzzed and very anxious. This is why I hate adrenaline. 

Rogue Fitness

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After the trapeze lesson, we completed a 30 minute workout at the Rogue Fitness beach gym. Classes are $10 a drop in! Right on the beach, this gym is perfect for the surfer brahs who chase the endless summer. I have a few friends in mind when I say that. Here is a video of our workout. I took this with my GoPro. Gina is a CrossFitter and I think Anne does it on occasion too. I have am not a CrossFit fan because whenever I go, I am given an easy WOD that can be done in 12 minutes. This one was legit and I really liked it! I would totally do it again on my own.

The Extreme Hotel is right on Kite Beach where as might guess there is tons of Kite Boarding!


Since Cabarete is on the Atlantic Ocean/North Shore there are awesome waves. Beginners need at least a day of lessons before trying it themselves. 

After CrossFit we were hungry and enjoyed eating at the restaurant. They use their own organic vegetables and fish for many of the menu items. Healthy options are starred by the Rogue Fitness team. I ordered a Detox juice made of cucumber, lime and mint plus a delicious shrimp salad with caramelized onions and seeds. You would think I might get sick of shrimp but I could never!

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The restaurant overlooks Kite Beach and I bet gets fun at night with all the young hotel guests. The food was really good and I loved the idea of coming here for a week to enjoy fresh food, good weather and fun fitness activities. That is my idea of a good detox/recharge your batteries vacation without spending a fortune. There are packages if you want to make it more like a wellness getaway. They have a health coach on staff to work with you on creating a plan. 

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We were scheduled to take a yoga class after lunch, but we were all exhausted! The yoga loft is all open and overlooks the beach. They offer two classes a day.


If the hotel we stayed in first was perfect for honeymooners, this hotel is great for YOU my fitness friends who need a break from this cold weather. Affordable, active yet flexible scheduling for all people. You could workout all day or you could do just one yoga class or nothing at all! The guests we saw were also easy on the eyes. 

I was looking into yoga retreats earlier this year but think a place like this may be more up my alley for a future girl’s getaway.

Have you ever been on a yoga or fitness retreat? 

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