Our second full day in the Dominican was active. Since this was a Fit Trip, the activities were actually challenging vs easy vacation mode exercise. I like earning my fruity cocktails on the beach so this style of holiday is my jam! I know not everyone wants to workout on vacation – but I am that girl and that’s why my blog is titled SarahFit

Extreme Hotel

While we did not stay at the Extreme Hotel, we had 3 activities planned here. A hostel primarily on the beach, you can stay at the Extreme Hotel for about $350/week or $60/night. Packages can include a fitness classes including yoga retreats, meal plans, circus training on the trapeze, kite surfing lessons and more. 

IMG 0125

I had never heard the term before, but Extreme Hotel prides itself on sustainable tourism. They have their own sustainable garden on the grounds and are the only place on the island that is totally solar powered.

Trapeze at Kaicetous Circus School

IMG 0120

If you just wanna jump right in, this is the place to try swinging on trapeze. It was scarier than I thought. I am not an adrenaline junkie. In fact, I hate the way it makes me feel but I still do stupid shit that gives it to me anyway. After 5 minutes of instructions and safety talk, we climbed up the ladder and went for it. I screamed the entire way.


This was out of my comfort zone. Trapeze @extremehotels #fittripdr @godomrep #healthytravel #adrenalinebaby

A video posted by Sarah Dussault (@sarahfit) onFeb 28, 2015 at 5:46pm PST


It shouldn’t have been but it was terrifying. I can’t describe it. I wasn’t sure if I had the abdominal strength to get my legs up around the bar or grab the bar again to release my legs. I was even nervous about my grip. In the end, I did it three times. At the end of each round, I felt funny. Tingling almost, slightly high or buzzed and very anxious. This is why I hate adrenaline. 

Rogue Fitness

IMG 0126

After the trapeze lesson, we completed a 30 minute workout at the Rogue Fitness beach gym. Classes are $10 a drop in! Right on the beach, this gym is perfect for the surfer brahs who chase the endless summer. I have a few friends in mind when I say that. Here is a video of our workout. I took this with my GoPro. Gina is a CrossFitter and I think Anne does it on occasion too. I have am not a CrossFit fan because whenever I go, I am given an easy WOD that can be done in 12 minutes. This one was legit and I really liked it! I would totally do it again on my own.

The Extreme Hotel is right on Kite Beach where as might guess there is tons of Kite Boarding!


Since Cabarete is on the Atlantic Ocean/North Shore there are awesome waves. Beginners need at least a day of lessons before trying it themselves. 

After CrossFit we were hungry and enjoyed eating at the restaurant. They use their own organic vegetables and fish for many of the menu items. Healthy options are starred by the Rogue Fitness team. I ordered a Detox juice made of cucumber, lime and mint plus a delicious shrimp salad with caramelized onions and seeds. You would think I might get sick of shrimp but I could never!

IMG 0122

IMG 0123

The restaurant overlooks Kite Beach and I bet gets fun at night with all the young hotel guests. The food was really good and I loved the idea of coming here for a week to enjoy fresh food, good weather and fun fitness activities. That is my idea of a good detox/recharge your batteries vacation without spending a fortune. There are packages if you want to make it more like a wellness getaway. They have a health coach on staff to work with you on creating a plan. 

IMG 0124

We were scheduled to take a yoga class after lunch, but we were all exhausted! The yoga loft is all open and overlooks the beach. They offer two classes a day.


If the hotel we stayed in first was perfect for honeymooners, this hotel is great for YOU my fitness friends who need a break from this cold weather. Affordable, active yet flexible scheduling for all people. You could workout all day or you could do just one yoga class or nothing at all! The guests we saw were also easy on the eyes. 

I was looking into yoga retreats earlier this year but think a place like this may be more up my alley for a future girl’s getaway.

Have you ever been on a yoga or fitness retreat? 

Extreme Hotel: Fitness Retreat In The Dominican Republic & CrossFit Workout Video

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  • Chloe

    Because of your facebook tbt today, you deserve to see this. There was hope she would come to her senses during this trip with other people posting unphotoshopped images of her, but obviously not. She’s just now not linking, tagging, or referencing any of you so her minions don’t see the truth behind all her lies.

    • Jenna

      Wow, that’s crazy, Chloe! I don’t follow the blogger mentioned, but how did that girl get picked to go on this trip? Her pics on her blog look very different than the ones here and that’s really sad she feels she has to manipulate images of herself.. ;-( More people should see this.

        • nat

          The message she promotes is very detrimental to her readers and I find it hard to imagine how she was chosen for this trip amongst the other more worthy bloggers. There is nothing fit or healthy about TL’s life. She is disordered and manipulative. I hope she is held accountable for her behavior so that she is no longer able to use her blog as a platform to suck vulnerable readers down a very dangerous path.

          • Sarah

            **edited** The commenter that I responded to emailed me and asked for her and my response to be taken down. Out of respect, I am removing her comment and mine.

          • This isn't TL

            Hi all. This is the original commenter who defended Taralynn. I followed her blog for years while I was deep in my ED. I was somehow able to look past all of her grammatical errors and simplistic world views, because I was so impressed by her weight loss. I was drawn to her blog because she was able to keep her slim physique while eating like a “normal and balanced” person. It gave me a false sense of hope, but also made me feel like a failure that I couldn’t eat that much and look emaciated. I was always a little put off by the quality of her photos (blur & grainy quality), but I didn’t ever think that she had photoshopped her face and body. I read her post about body acceptance after seeing the infamous unedited photos of her and really felt bad for her. I thought that she had just gained a bunch of weight during her secretive recovery in the last few months. Then I came across a long forum on GOMI, and found out she has been photoshopping since 2011! I messaged Sarah right away and asked her to remove my emotional comment. So, it wasn’t TL, and I no longer stand by what I said. TL has really taken advantage of her more supportive and vulnerable followers. It’s screwed. I hope she comes clean about it, because she is really doing some damage.

          • Stel

            That ab shot is from over a year ago and she’s playin it off like its from today. 2 tells: no nail polish when she’s had her nails painted in recent instagram pics including today, and 2- that shirt is one she used to wear all the time years ago. Still the same lying liar who lies

  • Hayley

    Thanks for the post, Sarah! I’m from Chicago and I’d love a trip like that right about now. I’ve watched your YT videos for years now and wanted to throw in a big THANK YOU for your honest and challenging vids! I’ve been a bit disappointed lately because I found out another blogger has been disingenuous, dishonest and dangerous. Keep moving forward as a prime example 🙂

  • Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz

    Yep, you just figured out where I am supposed to be living. I’m packing right now! 😉

    Looks amazing. Do places like that make you wonder why you live where you live? Or am I the only one living in a freezng tundra?? That place looks like heaven…Looks like a great time!

    I’d love to go on an all fitness vacay. Working out is a huge part of my vacations because it is my favorite thing to do, so people always think I am crazy, but just because I am at an all included drinking and eating buffet, I still get an extra long session in every day…it’s a must!

    Glad you had a great time!

  • laura

    Sarah thank you for posting that comment!

    In 2010 I was looking for a prom dress and stumbled across the a girl in the green dress which turned out to be Tara’s undressed skeleton. I went to her site and saw her weight loss tips and even though I had no weight to lose I followed them seeing how happy she seemed. After following her advice about counting calories I developed a full blown eating disorder from her site and spent months in the hospital because I was so underweight and now am still addicted to counting calories all because I stumbled across her stupid site. Now I find out she has been lying about her appearance for years and I felt just so devastated and sick! I lost 5 years of my life because of her!

  • Melissa H

    Thank YOU Sarah for posting and commenting about something so many are far too afraid. I applaud you and your courage. I only wish it would make a difference for this particular person (TL), but maybe it will at least help some of those who see. Thank you for promoting a true and healthy image.

  • Jessjii

    Sarah I am so so so proud and happy you spoke up about this!!! I found the girl mentioned many many years ago. I hate to blame anyone else for my eating disorder past but her blog definitely did more harm than good. I became obsessed with her blog and listen to the tips she would post. I eventually deleted her and lost her blog. Years have past and I finally found it again. I’m disgusted to now see as an adult how pro Ana her site is! Now to find out her photoshopping her own pictures?! So wait did she have an eating disorder or is she just profiting off of the sick?! I’m very concerned that even more young girls are being exposed to it!

  • Elia

    Sarah, thank you so much for stepping up and saying something! And Laura, I am so sorry about how she sucked you into her disordered ways. I am very glad that this trip happened because this girl is seriously triggering for so many young women. She is by no means the only disordered HLB out there but calling her out is a step in the right direction. I do feel very sorry for her but I simultaneously don’t as she has caused disordered eating habits in so many readers who may have just been in a bad place when they came across her blog, including me.

  • Nic

    omg trapeze was by FAR the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I think when I signed up I thought that belt would provide some sort of safety blanket? But you quickly realize it isn’t there to hold you up or anything. After my class they were offering discounts if you signed up again right there and I was like HELL NO.

    • Sarah

      hahah yes!!! I had no idea how scared I would actually be. I hate hate hate adrenaline and was not prepared for the rush. I would not have signed up either.

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