Healthy Fall Food Haul | YouTube Video

During the early days of YouTube (think 2007), beauty haul videos were very popular. Girls would show off the makeup that they purchased or accessories purchased from Forever 21. Five years later, they still finish on top. Occasionally I do food hauls to show you new finds at the grocery store or just what my current obsessions are. In my video from this week, you will find some great products to include in a packed lunch for school or work.


Click The top that I am wearing is by Lorna Jane.

Other products featured
Just The Good Stuff PB
Kale Chips
More Kale Chips 
Chia Seeds – You can buy these anywhere these days
Luna Protein Bar 

Oh She Glow’s Recipe for Cheesy Kale Chips

Also, congrats to Shannon for being comment #102 and winning the Luna Giveaway from last week. I hate Burpees too! Thanks for entering and to everyone else who entered as well, there are lots more giveaways coming up on my website. I didn’t realize how many of you liked entering!

Luna Bar Giveaway

I hope you took a minute to watch the video above. It features some of my favorite new products that contribute to the term “Whole Paycheck.” Do you have a favorite new food you purchased recently at a whole foods or regular grocery store that you knew was ridiculously expensive but had to have it anyway?

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