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At Fitbloggin I learned about a site called PicMonkey. The site was suggested for editing photos. Although I have photoshop on my computer, I am not an expert and it’s time consuming to get the edits right. I decided to try it out last night while watching a terribly officiated football game.

What did I discover? Not only can PicMonkey ruin your self-esteem but also show you what 100k in plastic surgery might do! Yes, you can leave the “weight loss” and “nip tuck” tool unused, but I of course was curious how similar the tools were to those available in Photoshop.
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This morning, I woke up and was eager to try one of the new products I brought home from ExpoEast or FitBloggin. I went with the Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp cereal from the conference with freeze-dried strawberries I snagged at the Expo.

Supergrains BuckwheatHemp

I used PicMonkey to edit both photos since the light was really dark in my apartment. PicMonkey is amazing for editing shots of food and the number of effects is astounding given the site is free to use at first!

As far as the cereal goes, I liked the taste. The texture stayed crunchy even after sitting my almond milk for a little bit. The box also suggests grinding up the cereal and using as an alternate to breadcrumbs. It’s gluten-free so I thought that was a fun idea if you follow a g-free diet. It was a little tough to chew on my teeth but other than that, it was great.

Attune SuperGrainsCereal

Photoshop creates a much more aesthetically pleasing image but I think that people should be upfront about images that are in fact photoshopped. In a video a few years ago, I suggested putting a label on all photoshopped images in the glossy magazines. It obviously never would be passed but I still think knowledge is lacking when it comes to awareness of Photoshop.

If your own photoshopped image can make you feel bad about your appearance, it’s scary to think about the effects of the millions of images we’ve seen over the course of our lives…

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