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Tommy has only been in daycare part time for a month but already the lunchbox thing is a challenge. I like to be simple when it comes to meal time and I’m struggling except when I pack veggie straws and cheddar bunnies. I wouldn’t say he is a picky eater but he definitely is not an adventurous toddler when it comes to meal time.

I could go to Pinterest for inspiration but let’s be honest, Pinterest is where average moms go to feel bad about themselves. At least I do! Nothing I make from Pinterest comes out as it should and nothing is as simple as they suggest. Saying I can’t be a Pinterest mom is like when people say they can’t run a marathon.

You can, you totally can, you just have to want to put the time and effort into it… and that is time these days that I simply don’t want spend making a picture perfect lunch – or run a marathon for that matter.

Here is how I’ve been getting by…

Nomsly is a company based out of Boston providing healthy lunches for kids for the entire week. Delivered on Saturday, you get to choose from a rotating menu each week featuring vegetarian, meat eating and gluten free options for most diets and allergies.

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We tried it out for a week and I loved the ease and variety. For Toddlers, Nomsly suggests choosing 2 menu options for the entire week so the little ones get used their foods. For older kids, have them select their lunch options. I especially loved the variety of fruits and vegetables like starfruit and lychee.


You also often have the option to order Tofu instead of chicken in many of the meals, but many are naturally meat free like sun butter sandwiches. If you use my promo code SARAHFIT, you’ll get 60% off your first week!

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Currently it’s only available in parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont but there are regional companies throughout the US with similar services. If you know one near you, leave it below in the comments.

I love this option for it’s convenience. Of course it comes at a price but for many it’s worth it. Try your first week free with SARAHFIT for 60% off your first week to try it.

Another option is to check out fellow moms on Instagram like Weelicious. I’m obsessed with this former Victoria’s Secret model’s stories these days. Unlike an Instagram feed, stories usually have a much less “curated” feel and appear to be more authentic. Catherine McCord shares two variations on healthy lunches each day. I love watching them for inspiration.


I’ve also been trying to share what I’ve been sending Tommy but I am no Weelicious momma… He ate all the cheddar bunnies, some Peas Please veggie sticks and some turkey in case you were curious.

Who are some of your favorite healthy “influencers” with realistic lunch ideas because I’d love some more? I think the reason why I liked Nomsly so much was that it gave me idea for days when I am not using them. The most challenging frustrating part of both Nomsly and checking out Weelicious is that Tommy will not eat plain vegetables, like sliced of pepper! I have to sneak in all the veggies and that usually means via homemade recipe and it requires more time!

I took more pictures of our Nomsly meals but I cannot find them for the life of me on my phone or memory cards! If you like seeing Tommy’s lunches on Instagram let me know in the comments.

We are winging lunch and would love to know some of your favorite menu ideas and people or sites for inspiration. Don’t forget, if you want to try Nomsly, I have a 60% off coupon code using SARAHFIT.

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