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Since Saturday, I have been tagged by two posts. I have never done one but felt like it was time. This is a long post because I answered questions from Theodora and Robyn. I’m taking a break from my regular blogging today to bring you this fun read. I bet you didn’t know most of the random facts! 🙂


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Random Facts:

1. I breast-fed abnormally long. I won’t mention my age, but I will admit I had a “word” for it.

2. I saw Spice World the day came out in Theaters. I was also Ginger Spice for Halloween in 8th grade.

3. I crashed on Bethenny Frankel’s couch for a night at the Sundance Film Festival.

4. My #7 tooth is fake! It’s the tooth right next to my big right tooth. I’m getting an implant this year and will not be uploading videos while I’m healing. I was never born with it.

5. I earned 13 Varsity letters in High School. Our 8th grade was in the High School. I played soccer, ran indoor and outdoor track. I was also captain of all three senior year.

6. I went to High School with the guy that invented Instagram. I friended him on Facebook a month ago when I realized but he has yet to accept my request. I think he might be one of the first people I have friended that has not accepted except for the few Laguna Beach characters back in college… After reading number five, you’re probably not surprised by this.

7. My last name is pronounced Doo-so, like “please do so at the nearest exit”… It’s French Canadian.

8. In college, the only girl in my sorority I was scared of is now on TV for People Magazine as one of their top editors. She still scares me.

9. I can do the worm and I can do a yoga headstand. If you ask me to show you, I probably will.

10. I was almost kicked out of my sorority for “dirty rushing” and was never allowed to have a position. It was kind of a big deal at the time, but looking back, I was a drunk sophomore who liked some freshmen girls and wanted to remember so I wrote their names on a paper plate. I’m glad Jen Garcia had already graduated when that happened.

11. Roomie is actually my boyfriend who I’ve been dating for 4 years. Don’t all gasp at once. He doesn’t even have Facebook and prefers to remain “offline.” He does however enjoy giving me blog post ideas.

Theodora‘s Questions for me:

1. What book do you think everyone should read but no way in hell would you share your own copy? The Alchemist.
2. If you could get a degree in ANYTHING (without having to worry about silly things like finding a job in that field), would you get a degree in? MBA – I wish I knew how to actually run my business.
3. If you had twenty-four free hours and unlimited funds in your own city/town, how would you spend them? I would take a Duck Tour with a group of friends. Then we would rent out a Box at either Fenway or the Garden and take in a Boston sporting event. Afterwards, I would go on a shopping spree down Newbury Street, get a massage, my hair done and nails too. I’d eat dinner at O Ya and then rent out the State Room and throw myself and all my friends the best party ever!
4. Which celebrity could you actually see yourself being friends with? I think I could be friends with Katy Perry but also I like Ashley Greene. I’m not sure why Ashley is so famous though. She really hasn’t done much.
5. If you’re not married–where would your dream honeymoon be? If you are married and could do your honeymoon over again, where would you go? Dream honeymoon would be in one of those huts that sits on top of the water in Tahiti (I think that is where they are).
6. If you had to live in one season for the rest of your life, which season would it be? Summer on Nantucket.
7. If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, what store would it be? (Doesn’t have to be practical. Your life would magically change to adapt to this store. Like if you said Lilly Pulitzer, your life would be all rainbows and small whimsical animals.) I would shop at J.Crew 🙂 Boring yes, but I like it.
8. Favorite social network? Pinterest!
10. Runners: what’s your dream race? Non-runners: what’s your fitness dream? My dream would be to run the Boston Marathon but I’m not sure if have the attention span to train for a marathon.
11. The last song you listened to. I just watched Glee and I think it was “La Isla Bonita” with Santana and Ricky Martin

Robyn Baldwin‘s Questions For Me:

My Questions For My Tags
1. Favourite New TV Show? REVENGE – BEST NEW SHOW EVER
2. Best Book You’ve Read In The Past Year? The Island
3. What Period Of History Fascinates You? The 1920’s
4. What “$h*t ______ Say” Video on YouTube Do You Like The Best? I love the Shit People Don’t Say
5. Who Is Your Fitness Inspiration? I love Tosca Reno even though she ignores everything I post/tweet to her…
6. Best Movie You Saw In The Past Year? I loved The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg
7. Favourite Group Exercise Class? I go in phases, I liked Tabata last month, now I’m on to Bar Method and last year it was Hip Hop Yoga so who knows what will be next!
8. Favourite Colour To Wear To Workout? PINK
9. What Is Your Dream Job? To be a co-host on The View
10. What Is Your Favourite (we Canadians spell it right!) Quote? Don’t regret the past because at one time it was what you once wanted to do.
11. What Is One Thing You Would Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? I would try to win a gold medal in the Olympics.
My Questions For Everyone Else:
1. What High School cafeteria food do you still miss?
2. What is your sign and is it a reflection of your personality?
3. Favorite cancelled TV show?
4. What movie character do you most connect with or reminds you of yourself?
5. Last cheesey novel that you read?
6. If you could have one do over in life, what would it be?
7. Have you even gone vegetarian or vegan? If so, how long did it or has it lasted?
8. What was your first job?
9. Who was your first concert?
10. Favorite holiday?
11. Most valuable lesson learned from your parents?
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