Healthy Superbowl Recipes (Easy, too!)

Going to a Superbowl party this weekend and need to bring a dish? Try one of these healthy Super Bowl recipes that are sure to be easy to make and a party favorite that no one will think is actually good for them!


Low Carb Maryland Crab Cakes : Only 62 calories per cake!

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip: The crowd pleaser without the guilt if you eat the whole thing by yourself.


Salsa Chicken: A 2 ingredient crock pot recipe that can be used for Nachos, Tacos, Salads, Chili Dip and more.

Other options:

Sweat on Sunday! 

In Boston, there are a few studios like Recycle Studio and B.Tone who are offering special Super Bowl Sunday classes. I would assume there are offerings in your cities as well. I went to sign up for one and found that even the wait lists are full! Such a bummer. I love this idea however. Class on Thanksgiving morning and now the Super Bowl, it’s nice to see that my city is making an effort to cater towards those of us who love to work hard to play hard!

Healthy Superbowl Recipes (Easy, too!)

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