Holiday Gift Ideas: Educational Ideas for Kids

The pandemic has disrupted every educational institution and along with it, our children’s lives. My goal this holiday season is to give gifts to my children, nieces and nephews that are educational in nature, time consuming in case we are locked down again, and meaningful long term! 

Here are 4 gift ideas that parents will be excited to have their children receive this pandemic holiday season. 

#1. Remote Learning Art Supply Restock 

Boys or girls, kids are going to be a lot less “busy” this winter with activities and art projects are always a perfect solution for indoor fun regardless of space indoors. 

I love all the variety art box sets from basic supplies to more crafty sets for older kids. You of course can put together your own art supplies in a basket or gift bag. Different brands have a variety of boxes that craft specific or just a creative starter for general art. Back in April all the art supplies were sold out so get ahead of the rush to buy supplies at home for home school projects. 

#2. The Money Basket 

What better time to teach kids about money than during a recession!? I love the idea of gift baskets with a variety of items that all tie together with a central theme. I love children’s books that teach kids about the importance of being responsible with money and I’m obsessed with the idea of pairing one of these books, along with a piggy bank or toy cash register with an envelope including a donation to the child’s college savings plan. 

Right now, many families are struggling financially, and the thought of saving, let alone for college, is likely far from top of mind for most parents. Instead of giving a toy that may break or be forgotten shortly after the Holidays, I love giving investments as they appreciate over time. 

Seriously, I’ve always been the aunt to give investments. At 24 years old, I gave my nephew a CD for his first birthday, lol. I didn’t know about college savings funds then so now I recommend donating to his college savings plan, like MEFA’s U.Fund College Investment Plan.

This is one gift that will not end up forgotten before January! An account is easy to set up too, click here for more details. We looked into this for Tommy shortly after his first birthday, and for Connor at age two! 

#3. STEM Subscription Box 

These days, there is no shortage of STEM subscription boxes for children from ages 2+ that feature art and science projects. Click here for a few of my favorite ones!

If winter is as bad as experts are warning us, we will be thankful to have a box delivered AFTER the holiday rush to keep our kids entertained without leaving our homes. I’m really pushing hard for this one as we have a couple birthdays in January too so a gift that comes later in the season is always exciting! 

#4. Outdoor Winter Warmth and Fun 

As new suburbanites, many fellow families coming from the cities have little outdoor winter playthings. Kids grow quick and are always in need of new mittens, hats, snow pants, boots, etc you name it and now our kids preschool has become an outdoor school due to the pandemic. We need all the layers we can get. Also, like other families, we are planning to spend lots of time outside with the kids so toys to use in the snow have also become highly sought after. Hopefully it snows…. 

This post is sponsored by MEFA and the U.Fund College Investing Plan; all opinions expressed are my own. 

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