Home HIIT Workout – No equipment, 12 minutes

Home workouts are amazing and perfect for you right now if:

  • You are avoiding the gym so that you can get home early and find a parking space (Hey, Southie residents!)
  • Public Transportation is so jacked up that your life now revolves around avoiding it and you can’t get to your favorite class (Hi, Boston!)
  • You don’t have a gym membership and prefer to do your workouts on your own because you’re awesome
  • You work two jobs or hours that keep you from getting to a gym during operating hours
  • You just started your journey and like privacy

Whatever your situation may be, home workouts are amazing. They keep you from making excuses. Exercise isn’t always about weight loss – it’s about sanity and health during the winter. They don’t have to be a “kick your ass” event to reap one of the many benefits of exercise but this one is sure to do just that.

Home HIIT Workout

  • Time: About 12-20 minutes to complete depending on your fitness level
  • What you need: A mat and your bad ass self
  • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
  • What it works: Cardio, Abs, Butt and Legs, Chest, Back

This workout is a superset reverse ladder. You start with 10 reps of Move A followed by 1 rep of Move B. Without resting, you go back to Move A for 9 reps, then Move B for 2 reps. Then Move A for 8 reps, Move B for 3 reps. Keep reducing your reps of Move A  by one rep each round, and increasing your reps of Move B until you have completed Move A for 1 rep and Move B for 10 reps. Get it? If not, watch the video and I’ll explain.

Here is what people are saying about the workout…

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Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 10 24 49 AM

Screen Shot 2015 02 19 at 10 25 26 AM

Continue reading for the workout or click to watch the video above…

Start with a 5 minute warm up on your own or use this fun video to get your body ready for a challenging workout.

Start with the first superset consisting of Move 1A and Move 1B. After you complete the full set, rest for 1 minute and then move on to the second superset. Repeat with the third superset.

Superset 1

Move 1A: Push UpPush-Up.JPG


Move 1B: Burpee (if you don’t know what this move is – watch the video above)


Superset 2

Move 2A: Squat Jump


Move 2B: Squat with Leg Lift


Superset 3

Move 3A: Triceps Dip


Move 3B: Superman


…and rest! Make sure you watch the video to be sure you have good form to avoid injury!

How’d you do?

If you are a fan of home workouts and I missed your reason above, let me know down below in the comment section.

Fashion: My top is by Lululemon (which I bought). The pants are by Fabletics and shoes by Asics (sent to me to try out).

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