I continued my tour of sweat in California at The Sweat Shoppe. A small cycling studio in North Hollywood that is the only studio in US to purposely not air condition the room where spinning class is going on. It averages out to be around 82F. Why would one want to take such a class you might be thinking? 


I was recommended to try this studio by a reader.

I arrived to a class that has no reviews online taught by Abbie Britton. Her bio shares that she has been spinning since it first jumped on the fitness radar, was a former editor at fitness magazine and currently still teaches yoga. The class is brand new to the schedule hence the lack of reviews so I’m happy to be one the first. Abbie’s class began with yoga like music which I enjoyed as we got into our breathing and warmed up our bodies.

We transitioned into a more modern playlist consisting of DJ-like mashup beat featuring popular and unrecognizable artists, I love when a teacher has good taste in music and can introduce you to your new favorite song.

We were out of the saddle for a good portion of class, which is my preference. She gave really good cues for form which I had never heard before. I am after all still a spinning beginner in my mind. The heat was not unbearable. It felt good. We toweled off after each song and took a sip of water. There were no “crunches” or arm workouts, just total spinning. The 50-minutes went by quicker than I ever though it would! I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor but I burned probably between 450-600 calories. Abbie has us in the zone. It was almost like I meditated through the entire class. Her laid back/yoga zen personality had you feeling comfortable the entire class. I never compared the speed on my legs to my neighbor. I always feel like the slow poke in class and Abbie made me feel like a veteran. I pushed myself past my comfort zone but not so much that I wanted class to be over. She kept saying that in spinning everyone applies either too much or too little resistance and really to try and find your zone. 

If you are looking for a sweaty cardio session without the crazy loud intense screaming of typical spinning classes, you need to check out Abbie’s class. I wanted to go back and try another instructor but my schedule didn’t really line up the rest of the trip. 


After class, I spoke with Jason, the owner, and he was great and really helpful. He and his wife Mimi both teach classes at the studio regularly. Yelp loves the studio which is always a good sign! Classes take place in the morning and at night since the owner have day jobs. They also have non-heated classes as well! If you are new, your first class is free but remember to get there 15 minutes early!

Hot Spinning!? The Sweat Shoppe

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    • Sarah

      You have to try it at least once 🙂 It’s not as bad as you think. You choose your resistance. It’s not like a treadmill where you can see your levels or lack there of. I rarely add on more when they tell me too (hehe) but I still get an amazing workout.

  • RawFitnessLLC.com

    I guess it depends on the teachers format. I’m a Spin Instructor, and my classes are high intensity so this would not be conducive to my teaching style. My participants would pass out. It is interesting that you mentioned spinning with weights. The creator of spin Johnny G is all about the zen within the ride, and weights are not to be used based on his teaching methods, because it would require you to remove your hands from the handle bars which is unsafe and breaks the connection between your body and the bike.

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh I want to fly out there and try that so badly, too bad Richmond, VA is bit far away and slow to pick up the fitness trends for a city. That sounds wonderful!

  • Catherine

    I actually live in Studio City and go to The Sweat Shoppe twice a week for their sweaty spin classes. They are definitely high intensity but I love them. My fav teachers are Melissa and Chelsea… and they both incorporate pushups into their routines (which really works the arms after doing them straight through an entire song on the bike). Probably the sweatiest I ever get working out.

  • Hasan@ HomeGym

    I quite in Studio City and go to The Sweat Shoppe twice every week for their sweat-soaked twist classes. They are certainly high force yet I cherish them. My fav instructors are Melissa and Chelsea… and they both fuse pushups into their schedules (which truly works the arms in the wake of doing them straight through a whole melody on the bicycle). Most likely the sweatiest I ever get working out.

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