Looking through my photos from my trip, I decided to share the remainder featuring the things I love about Los Angeles:

1. Hugo’s Restaurant: We visited for brunch on Saturday and I ordered an egg white fritatta with lots of green veggies and quinoa, topped with sprouts and side of fruit. Because no brunch is complete without a shared pancake for the table, I ordered a single Red Velvet pancake, which was whole grain and colored with beets and strawberries! I go here every time I visit.
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2013 02 09 09 04 56

The side sauce was an orange frosting. It wasn’t my favorite but I loved the pancake as is with a little powdered sugar!

2013 02 09 09 05 01

2. My nephews: While they live in 6 hours away by plane, I’ve been able to see these little munchkins 4 times since August! It’s been so much fun watching Campbell (below) who is now 8 months grow. I’m reminded how much energy you really need to have for little kids and it reinforces the importance of staying in shape and eating well!

2013 02 08 18 06 35


Tyson is 4 years old and keeps me on my toes constantly. I don’t understand how someone can have so much energy without any caffeine! He wasn’t really impressed with Fiat Convertible. As my brother ran into the store, we hung out in the car he said to me right after I took this picture, “What do you think? Should we leave the top down?” I said that I thought we should leave it down and he agreed. Shortly after, he recommended that we put it half way up.


3. Plenty of good for you restaurants and shops: This salad below is from the Greenleaf Chop Shop but there are healthy restaurants everywhere you go in LA and in it’s surrounding cities.

2013 02 08 12 28 07

The Pressed Juicery is a juice cleanse company with a brick and mortar location where you can pick up your juices. You can buy just one or a whole 3 day cleanse.


I bought two to sip on before breakfast but was more excited about the extensive menu! I already recreated the Green #4 and will be referencing their website frequently for new ideas.



They don’t juice the veggies right in front of you so it’s easy to be in and out in a hot minute while taking your juices to go!


4. Friends: I was able to see the Tone It Up girls, Cassey from Blogilates, my college roomie Cher, the Oakley gals, and one of my best friends from High School Kristen. There were still people I didn’t get to see! I hung out with Cassey on Monday to catch up. We didn’t shoot anything which is why I look like a black ninja who needs a shower.

2013 02 11 17 23 545. Fitness Fun: Since everyone in LA is very health conscious and large, there are so many fitness studios to visit! I didn’t get a chance to try all of the ones on my list but that just makes my next visit that much more exciting. Check out my reviews featuring Barry’s Bootcamp, The Sweat Shoppe, CorePower Yoga and Equinox’s Barre Bootcamp.

While Boston is my favorite city, LA is for sure my second. I just might have to eventually move there! If you don’t live in your favorite city, what is holding you back? 

5 Reasons Why I love LA

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  • Viviana

    For the job you do LA is surely great but for people with office jobs..
    Traffic is terrible!I lived there for a year and I think san Diego is more liveable. I would love to move to the east coast for a while though! Glad you tried greenleaf: )

  • Kate

    5 things to hate:

    1. The Traffic
    2. The Parking
    3. The Smog
    4. The Hollywood Mentality
    5. The Cost

    LOL okay so I may live in NoHo and work in Culver so it sucks majorly….haha and even parking at work is cray. Though you are right the health restaurants are abundant, but can be pricey. The appeal of LA is the beaches, the mountains and the healthy life, but most people who come here have to realize the cost of living here. I mean I got lucky when I moved out here it took a couple of years of struggle, but eventually it all came together and after a while you really do love LA as much as others may hate it it’s not a city for everyone that’s for sure.

  • Luis

    My favourite city is Salt Lake City, but I can’t afford to move over there, to put it simply. Los Angeles is my second-favourite city, although it might be my favourite if I wasn’t an L.A. native. Having lived here for over 20 years, it just gets old.

  • Blogging Runner

    I used to live in Boston, which was my dream city for so many years. I would have lived there forever, but I wanted to move closer to my family so I moved away. Now I want to move again. I belong in a city, but this time I’d like to live in a place that is a little warmer and has a little less snow!

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