How Fit Do You Think You Are?

I did this test a long time ago to see how strong my upper body strength really was. It tells you how fitness rating based on how many pushups you can do in a minute or until you can’t do any more. I call it the pushup test. I first tried doing it after lifting heavy for about 3 months with little cardio. It’s been about 6 years since then and I wanted to compare my results. 

Chart for Pushup Test

The pushup test is an easy DIY measure of your current fitness level that requires a timer. I used my smartphone for the new video and has someone help the first time around. If you are a female, the results are based on modified pushups so if you want to do them on your knees, you’ll have a better chart to compare yourself on. Here is the new video showing me complete the challenge:

Here is the old one from 2009!

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