How much weight I have to lose isn’t weighing me down

It’s funny how things change in ways you never expected. I fully expected to be overwhelmed with two children but I’m shocked to feel rather stress free. Everything is a phase, I know that now. While both kids may be crying at times, Connor won’t remember and Tommy likely won’t either.

One way I usually deal with stress is exercise and I haven’t been able to fully challenge myself yet. I thought for sure I would go crazy without my endorphins.

I started working out 4 weeks postpartum with Tommy. I was eager to get back into the swing of things. It’s been 6 weeks postpartum with Connor and I have yet to workout and am very unmotivated to find the time to start.

I think this makes me normal.

I also felt like the end of pregnancy with my first child meant the end of being able to eat what I want. As you know now, it didn’t and I changed my whole relationship with food.

This time around, I never had a sense of urgency to eat my guilty pleasure foods before my due date for fear I couldn’t eat them once Connor was born. Truthfully, I don’t crave them now and those that I do, I enjoy.

6 weeks postpartum


The photo above is not a before or after. I’m simply just engaging my transverse abdominals (TVA) which is a muscle that acts like saran wrap all the way around your core on the right. These are not the six pack muscles but they are the most important postpartum in my opinion.

I still have about 10-15 lbs to lose. To be honest, I want to tell you that I have 13-14 lbs to lose but that just sounds stupid to me. It’s like Kim Kardashian sharing that she now weighs 114 lbs. She could have rounded up to 115 but every pound means more than just 16 ounces to a woman. To be honest, I don’t feel like I look like I have 10+ lbs to lose. I feel good and that’s why my motivation to get back to my pre-baby body is relatively low.



However, I must admit that I shared this photo thinking it looks like I’ve been relaxing and enjoying myself. I think it looks like I have a lot of progress to make and I wasn’t fishing for compliments. I still am not and request that you don’t leave one telling me I look great or anything like that.

I wanted to share this post to tell other mamas it’s OK not to want to be a fit mom or get back to your pre-baby weight. In due time, if it’s something that is important to you, you will.

I am one happy mom right now, and for once, my happiness has nothing to do with how flat my abs are or a number on the scale. I know that once I am back in Boston, I will want to workout again. I just didn’t expect my motivation to be non-existent and be OK having to lose 10-15 lbs to fit back into my non maternity clothes.

How much weight I have to lose isn’t weighing me down

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  • Jen

    Thank you for this post Sarah! I have a two year old and my newborn is now 7 weeks. My only exercise so far has been 3 mike walks and pelvic floor exercises, oh and chasing a toddler counts, right?! I would love to get back to the gym but right now my priority is my boys. Hoping to start at home workouts next week. I like following your postpartum journey as we’re only 1 week apart. Enjoy your time with your boys 🙂

  • Prof. Don R. Mueller

    You should rethink your supposed problem as follows: Instead of Losing Weight, think of Gaining Weight in the form of muscle to lose weight in the form of fat: as muscle utilizes fat energy. BTW: As a physics professor, I speak of weight as mass. Weight (W) is mass (m) times gravity (g): W = mg. So when Oprah needs to lose weight, I tell her to go to the Moon where gravity would be 1/6 of that on Earth. Of course, poor Oprah would maintain the same mass. But she probably won’t realize this until she’s on the Moon and out of shouting distance.

  • Lindsey

    You are the best! I’m 4 weeks PP (c section) and I am kinda feeling the same way. I have the same amount to lose, little muscle mass, and am just very squishy. I’m ok with it. Squishy is better for snuggling 🙂

  • Kelly

    Hi Sarah,

    1st time commenting but feeling like your recent posts are hitting home as I had my first baby (beautiful baby boy) just 3 days prior to Connor’s birth on July 14th. Your remarks and general feelings on where you’re at physically, both expected and unexpected, after baby are refreshing and the openness is much appreciated during the sometimes challenging and emotional time of postpartum challenges, changes, and adventures. Glad to follow along your journey and be able to relate! 🙂

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