VIDEO : Labor & Delivery Vlog, Connor’s Birth Story

I regretted that I didn’t document my labor and delivery with Tommy so this time around, I didn’t care how unpretty I felt, I shot video using my phone when I could. Here is my labor and delivery vlog… don’t worry, this isn’t a TMI post so if you don’t want to see a baby coming out, don’t worry, you won’t!


VIDEO : Labor & Delivery Vlog, Connor’s Birth Story

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  • Delia

    This is interesting…when I delivered last year, med team told me they had changed the “formula” for epidural in 2016, bc I also had a less intense epidural than in 2015; med team said they have made them less intense. Who knows, but seemed smart to me; more feeling means more effective pushing, less unnecc. stitches/tearing etc.

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