How To Brew Kombucha at Home

You love how it makes you feel but hate the price tag, right? Kombucha is easy to make at home if you have the right tools. It’s a small investment that will pay off after making just 2 batches.

Here is a quick video featuring how to make kombucha right at home. You’ll also learn some of it’s amazing health benefits in the video we shot in the Grand Cayman.

What you’ll need:

  • Scoby – Less than $3 on Amazon
  • Glass Jar/Bowl or Pitcher – Link is to a gallon glass fermentation jar on Amazon for $9.99
  • Cheese Cloth – Under $6 on Amazon
  • Sugar – About 1 cup of raw sugar per gallon
  • Tea bags, Green or Black – About 8 bags per gallon
  • Starter Kombucha Tea – Grab a bottle of kombucha from the store to use to start for your first batch. You can ditch this requirement once you’ve made one batch. Try using one that is a neutral flavor.
  • Water – You’ll need 3 1/2 quarts

Full directions to make Kombucha from scratch can be found here.

If the sugar sounds like a lot, it actually comes out pretty low cal because the scooby eats most of it. It turns out tasting slightly fizzy and refreshingly delicious with a slight sour note.

Kombucha is full of probiotics which help boost our overall health. Claims have been made that it also fights arthritis, heart burn and depression. I like it for it’s help with digestion and mild boost in energy.

Have you attempted to make it at home yet?

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