Week 22: Pregnancy Update

I wasn’t planning to do weekly pregnancy updates but have decided that I’ve changed my mind. It’s an exciting time for me and like a child who keeps a journal, will be happy that I remember the little things. I’ve gotten worse about taking pictures lately however! My friend Julie from PBFingers did a great job at documenting her own pregnancy so I’m going to base my updates on her format – Thanks Julie 🙂

Baby Updates

I use three apps. They all say different food items this week. Apparently Little Fit is between 8-11.8 inches! One says it is the size of spaghetti squash, one says a papaya and yet another an ear of corn. They do agree that the baby finally weighs around one whole pound!

22 Weeks

Weight Gained

I’ve gained 12 lbs to date. Technically I’m 22 weeks plus 4 days.


Last week was tough with traveling to Aruba and Curacao. We took this bump picture one week ago today – pre breakfast in Curacao! We shot a relaxing and energizing workout. I went for a 5 mile run afterwards which was HOT.

Bump Shot 21 weeks

Friday was all travel and a rest day. I ran 30 minutes on Saturday to shake out my legs – no bathroom breaks. On Sunday, I had an 8-mile long run scheduled. I average a 10:30 min/mile pace and only stopped to use a bathroom twice. A lot of women told me they had to stop because it was uncomfortable. I’m finding the pee situation to be my first nemesis. I just try to take walk breaks when I need to and stay hydrated. My joints and back have felt fine running so far though – it’s just the sensation to have to pee constantly.

On Monday, I went to my first prenatal yoga class at Coolidge Corner Yoga using ClassPass. The first 5 minutes were spent going around the room introducing ourselves and what week we were on. The room and the conversations just made me happy! The noon class had about 10 of us, two were post-natal. The class was very gentle. It was more like an hour of different exercises, stretching and strengthening than an actual yoga class. I didn’t mind this at all. It was quite nice but I was hoping for a little more of a stretch. I’m planning to go back for sure.

Tuesday I went for an easy 45 minute run around the Charles River that included 3 bathroom stops and yesterday I was a bit crazy. I took class at BTone at 10:30AM and then realized I was supposed to have a speed training day. At 6:30PM, I went for a 5.5 mile run alternating between 3 minutes at an 8 min/mile pace and a 3 minute walk. This is my strategy for race day more or less.


I’ve been feeling really energetic and don’t have many symptoms to be honest. Up until last Monday in Aruba, I had yet to feel any movement. Now, I feel Little Fit all the time! It’s really amazing.

I have found myself to be a little short tempered/emotional. One comment on my Instagram made me extra ragey. Someone posted that I didn’t need to gain any weight while pregnant which set me off. I tried to write a nice reply but it totally didn’t work. To each her own. I read Expecting Better by Emily Oster in my first trimester and loved it. She basically pools together all the data from studies available and gives you an honest read on their findings. As for weight gain, studies have shown that women who gain too little have children with more complications than women who gain too much. Obviously you want to gain the right amount but if I’m going to over or under – I hope it’s over for the sake of my child’s health. I’m planning to gain between 25-35 lbs but if I’m over, I won’t stress.

Also, we finished season 4 of Homeland and I could not handle it. My heart rate was in the 90s sitting on the couch. Hormones or really intense show???

Foods Aversions + Cravings

Before pregnancy I used to LOVE ginger chews. I haven’t had the desire to have a single one since finding out. I also haven’t wanted sweet potatoes.

I have been craving ice cream and milk shakes along with burgers. Finally, I gave in to my vanilla shake craving at Shake Shack on Sunday. The burger was OK but the shake and fries were amazing! Worth every calorie – which was posted on the menu unfortunately…

Shake Shack


First trimester, I always woke up early! Now, I’m back to a normal sleep schedule with the exception of having to get up 2 or 3 times in the night to pee. This is because I get really thirsty at night and drink too much water before bed. I notice I wake up on my back a lot too. I try not to stress and just roll to a side when I do.

Looking forward to…

Looking pregnant! I feel like I am in the awkward stage where I just look fat. I’m excited for the bump to finally pop. In the photo above, I’m sticking it out a bit.

Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases

We’ve bought a few onesies when traveling but I finally bought some maternity tops at H&M. I don’t need them yet, but some days I just can’t find anything to wear and it felt good to put on clothes that actually fit. I’m wearing the black T-shirt I bought above. I haven’t bought any pants yet but planning to hit up Old Navy some time soon. I like their jeans and I’m not investing more than $40 on preggo pants I’ll wear for 4 months.

Belly Button In or Out?

Still in.


Excited! My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the Monday I took off for Aruba. I got to finally meet her on Friday and OH MY GOODNESS she was so small and cute. Nick and I both were in love holding the little peanut. He had never held a child so young. I was a little freaked out at the thought of something smaller and similar in my uterus but it made us both quite impatient for January to come! Baby Dylan

Also overwhelmed. Reading how much other moms have done who are also due in January is so stressful. I haven’t had any time to do any sort of planning! I tried to start my registry and had to stop 2 products in. There is too much! I’m going to go with my sister next week.

Any Movements?

Yes! Lot’s of little movements. The kicks feel like little air bubbles in my stomach almost. After my 18 week ultrasound, we found out I have a low lying placenta which is also located in the front. This kept me from feeling the baby until 21 weeks. Because of my placenta position, I’m at risk for a C-section. It needs to move up a centimeter which they said usually does happen, but if it doesn’t, then the placenta blocks the path of the baby to get out. I do NOT want a C-section so I hope it fixes itself.

One More Note…

On a separate note, there is another 5 minute SFit HIIT workout for free on YouTube. In the club, there is another full length video going live today! There are over 10 videos now available to kick your butt. Visit SFitGym.com and sign up today. I shot this video at 18 weeks pregnant 🙂

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