I took a 60 minute spin class 3 days before my due date with Tommy. Afterwards, I’m sure I did nothing for the rest of the day. I no longer have that luxury so I stopped working out/taking classes for the most part.

Last night, I was feeling overwhelmed. I decided in May that I would pull Tommy from daycare so that we could spend the last two weeks of my pregnancy together on the Cape. We are supposed to leave tomorrow and today is his last day at “school”. I already cried at drop off.

Tommy last day of school

Being super pregnant in the city in the summer is not my idea of fun which is why I thought it would be more enjoyable to have a yard and the beach close by. Not to mention, Tommy’s Grammy and Pop Pop are down there. We are planning to spend most of the summer down there after the baby arrives and since Tommy is starting a new Preschool in the fall, it felt like the right thing to do, at the time.

So to relieve some stress this morning, I decided to do a light workout, 30 minutes max! I did 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes of strength training. Guess how productive I’ve been? I’ve accomplished zilch unless writing this blog post about how exercise is not currently my friend counts.

37 weeks pregnant

I still need to pack and finish final baby prep. If I go into labor over the next week, the next time I’m home, I’ll have a newborn baby. I obviously don’t think I will be going into labor or else I wouldn’t be going to the cape.

More importantly, I won’t have daycare to watch Tommy so I can work. I know some of you think blogging isn’t a full time job but it is a lot of work to do it successfully. I have 4 campaigns that are going live before baby #2 arrives and 3 that I’m working on for post baby. I’m regretting taking Tommy from daycare but I feared I’d regret not spending more time with him the last few weeks!

This when being self employed is hard to balance. I do not have a maternity leave package, but I do have the ability to keep my baby home with me longer than the usual 6-12 weeks some employees get and don’t need to stress about the cost of child care for the first year. However, if I don’t “work,” I don’t make any money which is why I agreed to paid campaigns this summer.

37 weeks pregnant

Exercise used to be my outlet for letting off steam but it has since become the black hole of any energy I have left. I really need to stop if I want to be ready for baby #2. As a once exclusively fitness blogger, this is hard to accept, which is also why I swore off exercise 2 weeks ago and then did it today!

You can safely workout up until your due date but just because all the fit moms on Instagram are doing it doesn’t mean it’s the best decision for you. I know I’ll be excited to workout after the baby is born. I don’t know if that will be at 4, 6 or 12 weeks or longer. I do know that I don’t feel bad about not working out, I just feel like my best friend has let me know.

I love to exercise but I have to stop for Tommy’s sake. I just have zero energy for him and zero energy to work and help provide for my family.

Any other fit moms come to this reality?

I Need To Stop Working Out

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  • Annie

    Due the 10th of July and feeling exactly the same! (As I’m laying in bed while my 2.5 year old naps). I am exhausted, can’t find the energy to do anything after working, and my workouts had to stop at 35 weeks. Much sooner then my first pregnancy but as you’d aid, there is just so much to do with a toddler now!

  • Justine conway

    I’m inspired by your attitude. I’m just in the third trimester now and came to the realisation I need to stop running and slow down with my workouts. I was determined to keep up it up but my body has other ideas. It’s hard to accept you’re not being “lazy” especially when you see other fit pregnant women on social media. Your honesty has been really helpful to me. All the best for the last few weeks/days!

  • Deli

    I think the best mantra to live by is, “do what works, until it doesn’t anymore.” If you need to find daycare for T sooner, you will; if you need to work out/have the itch after a few weeks, you can! Personally I was dying to workout after #2 mostly for the feel good sweat/endorphins, but my #1 was in all day care (personally recommend!). I also felt sick w/guilt about wanting to spend every second w/#1, and we made the most of it before, and have found a groove since. It’s helpful to remember babies don’t automatically fit into your existing family/life right away(though we/society think they should), but after some time (3-6 weeks?) T will be your little helper, giving hugs, and practicing entertaining himself, which is a necc. skill for tots to learn at his age. He may surprise you w/how well he adjusts; try not to overthink it too much (almost impossible!).
    Good luck!! Staying tuned!!

  • Stacey

    Yes girl!! I quit altogether my last 2 weeks preggo with my second for the same reasons!! I also unfollowed a lot of this ig moms because it annoyed me Lolol. 15 weeks postpartum now and have been exclusively walking until this week when I added light weights and some jogging intervals. Thanks for sharing! It’s so important to put your body and family first and not just do something for the IG!!

  • Haley @ Hobson Homestead

    Yes I totally feel where you’re at. I’m only 34 weeks, but this is baby #4 and I have two active boys that i have to keep up with. I took a break from working the past 10 days but am attempting to do light workouts at the gym a couple times this week, with more of a focus on stretching and rolling out. Its hard i find the right balance for sure!

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