What’s In My Hospital Bag #2 Updated 2018

Being a first time mom, you over prepare. You buy too many things, you overanalyze your birth plan, what your eat, and then the second time around, it’s like, “Yep, I’ll figure it out.” You’re too busy with your other child to really prepare.

I filmed a what’s in my hospital bag video 3 days past my due date in 2016 when I was still pregnant with Tommy. I remember this day. I went to the gym, curled my hair, did my makeup, etc… I look at it now and I look exhausted. I don’t know if I actually am or just look it but I appear to be very tired.

I decided to review my choices regarding what I brought and revise my suggestions with what I’m bringing the second time around… I love making fun of myself pre-Tommy.

In this video, a few items are featured that I wanted to give shout outs to:

Ethan and Emma Diaper Bag Black Pack

This bag is amazing. I’m bringing it as my hospital bag for no other reason that I did so for Tommy and am continuing the trend. I love it for many reasons, primarily because it can be worn as a backpack or hung from the handle of your stroller. It has a million compartments and is not overly large like our first diaper bag with Tommy which was the stupid Pottery Barn one all the dads request you buy because it’s not overly feminine. You can get 35% off if you sign up for their kickstarter campaign alerts here.

Lamaze Nursing Bra

lamaze nursing bra

Underwire gets to be super uncomfortable when you nurse. I highly recommend bringing a nursing tank or bra to the hospital. I think I wore a bra and pants after labor while in the hospital so I could do skin to skin. Having a good nursing bra will make you comfortable with guests in the room (hello grandpa) and this one by Lamaze is affordable. Babies R Us is still open and they had tons of these the last time I was there super on sale! Pick some up, you won’t regret having these if you plan to nurse.

I also now realize how you don’t change clothes and what the hospital does give you. I didn’t factor in Tommy’s healing belly button and I didn’t really either here in this video but I do have tops for him to wear instead of just this cute onesie.

What am I forgetting? What did you pack?

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