Why You Should Try a Free Fitness Class In Your City

I am lucky to live in Boston where there are so many fitness opportunities from pop up workout classes at the Lawn on D, Esplanade and Greenway to half marathons and other races available to run almost every weekend. If you are willing to do a little bit of travel and work finding them, you could honestly find something to do almost every day of the week to stay active.

It pays to invest in your health, from gym memberships to groceries and yes, even better health insurance.


Some insurance companies want to help you out just for being healthy, whether it’s making smart food choices or exercising. For three weeks in September, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts surprised and rewarded the people of Massachusetts for making healthy choices in their new Blue Box Truck.

I went to their first pop up event on the Esplanade where I joined hundreds of others in taking an hour long Zumba class. I couldn’t believe how many people were out there! The instructors were energetic and the crowd was doing a fantastic job at keeping up.

BCBS Sarah

Zumba is a polarizing workout. You either love it or hate it. I usually fall in the later category. I lack the ability to remember a sequence of moves and end up looking like a terrible dancer, which I swear I am not… maybe. I am, however, always up for having fun and decided to give it another try.

Zumba in Boston Hatchshell

First, I couldn’t believe how many people were out there rocking it! Some people in the back even brought their dogs. Second, I am very self conscious when it comes to dancing. I too stayed in the back and gave it my best attempt. Lastly but most importantly, the instructors were amazing and the crowd was feeding on their positive energy and awesome music from the DJ, brought in by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. To my surprise it was a challenging cardio workout.

Everyone in the crowd was given these special blue bracelets that lit up and made for a very cool visual as the sun set.


If you see or hear about a free fitness class around Boston or your city, definitely try one out. You never know who may be there to reward you! It’s also a fun way to workout with a friend who might not have the same gym membership as you.

The idea behind the Blue Box Truck promotion is that health insurance shouldn’t just be there at the right time but rather all the time. As a result, they want to give back and show they notice you’re trying. The healthy acts didn’t have to be life altering but things you guys, my readers, already do like going to a workout class on the Esplanade, choosing healthy foods at the public market, etc. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts attended events like the Zumba class around the state to surprise and reward individuals for doing right by their health. Think of it as an applause for being healthy entirely on your own.

The Blue Box Truck traveled all around the eastern part of state from pop up fitness classes on the esplanade, to the November Project, Boston Public Market and even a mommy workout in the suburbs. Prizes were given out including strollers, Celtics and Patriots gear, water bottles, towels, bracelets, and more!

If you are already of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts member, you can enter to win your own Blue Box reward here.

Hatchshell Zumba

Check out more events attended by the #BlueBoxTruck by following the hashtag on twitter and also on Facebook. Learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts here are well.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts . The opinions and text are all mine.

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