Pregnancy Update Week 29

Time has flown by. My last update was at week 26! Since then, I traveled to California for the last time before Little Fit’s arrival. I shot some videos for the SFit Gym and then headed up to San Fransisco for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

Baby Update

The baby is the size of a pineapple or acorn squash! He weighs between 3 and 3.8 lbs. Although at my last ultrasound two weeks ago he was already measuring 2 lbs ad 15 oz so he may be even bigger. He is 15-17 inches in length and is now packing on the pounds getting ready for his debut.

Weight Gained

At week 26 I had gained 17 and I’ve only gained about 2 more lbs since then bringing my grand total to 19 lbs – give or take since I’m not sure what my starting weight was. It used to vary a good 3 lbs any way on a daily basis.

Bump Picture

It’s very weird when you finally look pregnant. I’ve gone 29 weeks without people really being able to tell. Now, I get offered seats on the subway, random “Congratulations” on the street and smiles from new moms. However, it’s hard to accept some of these things. Should I sit? Do I say thank you? Are they just being polite or is it because they know I have no idea the sleepless nights I’m getting myself into?


Last week I ran the Tuft’s Women’s 10K in Boston and then boarded a plane Tuesday morning. I didn’t do anything Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I shot workout videos as the teacher and had a model demo the moves. We did shoot a 15 minute prenatal workout on both days. Those counted as my workouts. Friday I did an easy Get Focused workout with the Nike Women’s Training Club in San Francisco. It was easy and more of a fun warm up than anything strenuous. Saturday I walked around SF and rested my legs.

NTC Training Club SF Half MArathon

Sunday I ran a freaking half marathon as you know at nearly 29 weeks pregnant. Monday was rest, Tuesday I took a Pilates class and Wednesday was rest again. I’m going to Recycle Studio for a spin class later today. Oh how the times have changed!

half marathon photo 28 weeks pregnant

Ok… let’s get this out of the way. There has been a serious change in how my body feels ever since week 28 hit. No longer am I complaining about having to pee but rather my hips are so sore after I run, I may need to stop. I said this in my race recap but it feels like someone kicked me in the crotch by mile 5. Up to 3-4 miles, I’m good – but past that, no thank you.

I was sore from shooting my 15 minute pre natal workout videos and my hips are still not feeling right after my race. Is this my new normal? Even teaching, my energy to do the moves has plummeted. My walk looks like a waddle and it’s all just changing very fast.


I’m still feeling the effects of major heart burn. I’ve been against taking anything but I caved to TUMS. My back is also starting to get sore. When I sleep, I notice that my tailbone is very painful. I believe this is sciatic pain. Luckily, it loosens up as the day goes on.

I also am now having trouble sleeping. In LA, I woke up every day at 3 or 5 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I have been having 2 hours of sleeplessness in the middle of the night. This sucks because I’m usually a good sleeper.

Baby has been kicking like an animal. Give me some sugar, I’ll lie on my side and he thinks he is in fight club.

While in LA, I read a book to my 3 year old nephew in bed while Little Fit was going wild. I let him feel one of the kicks and he asks me, “Does he have shoes on?”

fall sneaker shot

CUTEST KID EVER!!!!! I gently broke the news to him that babies are actually naked which then prompted him to ask if he had a shirt on and how he ate. He didn’t stop looking at his belly button for a very long time after my “explanation” of the umbilical cord. Sorry Lane and Mike.

Lastly, still no cravings except bread. I love sandwiches. This veggie burger from Seed and Salt in San Francisco was the best veggie burger I’ve ever tasted. The bread was gluten free as well but I never would have been able to tell. It was the best roll too, gfree or not.

Seed and Salt Burger

Looking Forward To…

My shower is in 2 weeks and I’m very excited to see so many of my friends in one place. Since we are not married and I never had a bridal shower, I don’t know what to expect. I know my mother, sister, Nick’s mom and his sister will do a fabulous job putting this together.

I’m also looking forward to staying put and not traveling until the baby is due. We are cancelling our babymoon to Quebec due to money and work. I’m glad we at least were able to go to Puerto Vallarta together and the fact that we found out in Europe which was like a babymoon the last few days, we just didn’t know it!

Anything Else…

So since I last updated you guys, I had another ultrasound to see if my placenta moved up and it in fact did! I hopefully do not have to get a C-section, at least not because of the placement of my placenta. I also passed my glucose test which means I am in the clear for Gestational Diabetes! Two wins. I shared that my mother had GD with my siblings and I so I was nervous.

Jessica Simpson Maternity Dress

The ultrasound technician also informed me that Little Fit was 2 lbs and 15 oz at 27 weeks and 2 days. According to my apps, the average is 1.5-2.5lbs. This makes me feel good in that if I went into labor early he has a good chance of survival. It doesn’t make me feel good in that he may be a large baby. Apparently these measurements can be way off, so my fingers are crossed he is under 9 lbs.

Did you go on a babymoon? Did you notice a significant downhill in how you felt once the third trimester hit?

I traveled so much during this pregnancy, I think a staycation is what we need.



Pregnancy Update Week 29

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  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    The third trimester is tough, mainly because of sleep!!! I am 40 weeks +3 days today and haven’t slept well in several weeks, it’s been the same for me… the middle of the night few hours where I just CAN’T sleep. I’m thinking it’s training for the feeding schedule to come!

  • Amy

    I had a lot of hip pain when I hit about 7 or 7 1/2 months. It did subside after a few weeks, BUT I let up on my workouts a LOT (I eventually stopped totally a little after 8 months other than walking…my little lady dropped super early and that adds a whole other level of fun to your…hip region, to put it delicately :). So I guess I’m not sure if it subsided because I eased up or if it’s just natural for it to last a few weeks as you’re “expanding” then go away? I think just listen to your body..if 3 or 4 miles feels great then roll with it, and don’t worry so much about hitting a magic number 🙂

  • Liz

    You’re doing great!! The third trimester seemed SO long to me just because I felt like I grew so much and it was the middle of the summer… And then I went 10 days over my due date. Haha But now looking back it feels like nothing!

    We did go on a babymoon for a weekend to Portland, ME. It was great because it was not much travel time, and it’s a great foodie city. I loved it! Best wishes in your third trimester!

  • Kelly

    I don’t like taking meds and my husband who has reflux issues said apples help, it sounds totally crazy, but it helped relieve the reflux pain a ton! I walked a lot with my first but was in between gyms so I didn’t workout more than that. I had different plans for my second but was put on modified bed rest for the first and most of the third trimesters.

    The measurements can be off by about 15%, in either direction, unfortunately for me it was in the larger direction ha.

    We went on a baby moon before our first, to Portland, Maine.

  • ttekcipnyletak

    We went on a babymoon to Portland, ME too! Such a fun town for a quick getaway.

    I had crazy heartburn most of my pregnancy. If you’re looking for an alternative to antacids, try papaya enzyme tablets, they worked well for me (although I did take my fair share of tums too!).

  • C

    My doctor told me Zantac was fine, so I’m believing him and saying **** it and taking it and it works like a DREAM for heartburn. Tums have never done anything for me, and my doctor warns women about taking too many and having too much calcium. The great thing about Zantac is that I also can take it before eating a meal and then I never get the heartburn in the first place, yay prevention! Acid reflux can be super damaging to your insides, nip it in the bud!

    I’m 26 weeks and my back just started hurting this week, despite only having gained 10lbs so far. During the day while I’m at work and on my feet and moving, I feel fine, but the second I get home and sit down to relax the pain starts and escalates until I lie down for bed, sigh.

  • Ashlee

    My hips would hurt all the time, stick with the Pilate and yoga! And invest in a body pillow of some sort if you don’t have one, I needed one for my hips at night too. I also had back labor with my first, and at 16 weeks with my second, the longer I sit, the more my back hurts! OH, and get some kind of heating or cooling pad for your back! It’ll work wonders for the lower back/tailbone pain! I also swam the last trimester and that was nice too!

  • Jess

    The third trimester can definitely be exhausting! Rest as much as you can/ need to. If you can have naps they are a life saver. The baby grows a lot in those last few weeks so be kind on yourself.

  • Katie

    You look great!! We went on a babymoon to York, ME-- just a long weekend but it was nice to just escape just the two of us.
    3rd trimester is definitely a game changer! Sleeping at night was the biggest change for me, in that it was non-existent. I had heartburn for the first time in my life and went through sleeves and sleeves of tums (usually at 2am--one of the things that kept me up at night). Don’t worry though, the second baby came, the heartburn was gone!

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