I’m Breaking Up With Running… For Now

RunKeeper has a feature, like Facebook, where they feature flashback moments except instead of a drunken photo it tells you what you did for a workout x number of years ago. Today, mine said I ran 8 miles two years ago.

Wow, that seems so long ago. It was probably one of my first training runs for the Boston Marathon. The one that I ran 3 weeks pregnant with Tommy.

While in LA, I went for 2 runs. One was 4 miles and the other was shorter, mixed with intervals. I ran for 5 minutes and then did 30 jump lunges, 15 push ups, a 1 minute plank and 20 jackknife crunches (4 times).

California palm trees running

At the end of each workout, I thought to myself how good I felt. How nice it was to stop running after 3 or 4 miles. The weather was perfect and I was happy to be outside. I travelled to LA a lot during my Boston Marathon training. I often got to do my training runs along the beach even. I enjoyed them but they were so time consuming.

I was thankful that I didn’t have to run another 4 miles last week for training purposes.

To be honest, I have seen more progress in my body NOT running. It’s been easier to maintain my weight NOT running. I spend so much less time working out these days and I feel like I look stronger. I’m not as lethargic after workouts. I feel energized.

I enjoy taking workout classes like spinning and bootcamp. I enjoy doing short workouts of my own at the gym. I push myself and work hard but it’s over before I know it.

I just don’t enjoy the idea of long training runs right now and for that, I’m retiring from long races for the time being. I’ve always told my clients you don’t HAVE to run to see results. I’ve always enjoyed it, so I did it, but now that I’m not, I’m practicing what I’ve always preached I guess.

The RunKeeper memory reminded me of how my spare time and what I enjoy doing has changed so much in just 2 years.

I still like running. Short distances at least. I’m down with a 5-10K race but I’m taking a break from anything above that for my sanity and body. You can find me using my ClassPass around the city until I get the itch again.

I’m also hoping a company doesn’t challenge me again like they kept doing when I was pregnant… I can’t say no to a challenge.

I’m Breaking Up With Running… For Now

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  • Jen

    While I’m envious of people that actually run marathons and other longer races, I know that with 4 kids, spending hours and hours training just isn’t in the cards for me. I like to push myself hard, and then that’s it. I’m done!

  • Sara

    I am less injury prone when I decrease my running as well. I gained weight while training for 2 half marathons as well! who wants that?! I just do a beer run on thursdays (2 miles-->bar-->2 miles-->bar) and occasional 5ks, which come easy to me because of all of the HIIT training I do! No injuries to speak of

  • Beth

    I have to agree, as much as I love running, I go through phases where I just feel blah about it. I also agree with what you said in that though I love what running does for me mentally, my body never seemed to respond to running in a way that really maybe the time and energy invested worth it. I’d love to hear more about the workouts you are creating for yourself these days! If I’m really being honest, I’d love to see a 8 or 12 week program from you;)

  • david fannin

    This is good stuff Sarah. So many girls feel they “have to” run to be fit. Even when they feel and look better with other types of exercise. YOU saying you don’t have to run matters.

  • Sashea Lawson

    I’m a 2 months post-partum and love running. I ran short distances through my entire pregnancy up to week 42. Although I’ve been cleared by my doctor to run I’ve heard from a lot of people that if I do, I shouldn’t be surprised if I accidentally pee myself on the run. I noticed that you jumped right back into running shortly after having your son so I wanted to know if you experienced incontinence. If you did, what did you do to decrease or eliminate it? I’ve been doing pelvic exercises and decided to wait until at least 12 weeks before I attempt a run or plyometric workouts. Like you, I’ve been doing a lot of strength training and low impact cardio like spinning. Would love to hear your experience.

    • Sarah

      Running felt uncomfortable when I first started -- more on the boob front than the incontinence. I wanted to hold my girls in each hand. Also, this is going to sound weird to anyone who hasn’t had a child but do a few sun salutations. I found (and still find) that I couldn’t (can’t) control air going up or coming out when doing them for whatever reason. I don’t know how much that has/had to do with running. I would just recommend a good running bra like the moving comfort juno. My pace was also pretty slow. HIIT workouts helped get it back tremendously! If you ran up to 42 weeks, you should be fine I would think in my non-medical-degree experience 🙂

  • Caileen Tierney

    Great honest article Sarah! I was a college cross country runner turned marathoner many years ago and was always feeling the pressure to add miles and more races to my schedule. After doing two marathons in one month (Virginia Beach and Boston) my Doctor looked at me and said “you know you can get the same results from a 5 mile run”….that comment hit home and shortly after my last marathon I went into full burnout mode. Its so important to vary your workouts and try new things to keep your body fresh and challenged. Your blogs promote that and I appreciate the diversity. Over the past few years I have embraced doing things like yoga, Barry’s, hikes with my dog etc. and I have seen such great results and it doesn’t take up my entire weekend. Presently I am at the end of my 3rd trimester with TWINS! Gulp! So working out is not an option right now….but once I can get back into it I look forward to doing all kinds of new workouts to get back into shape. Everything except a 20 mile run. 🙂

  • Amanda

    This rings so true for me. I have always been a hobby jogger with a few half marathons under my belt, but lately I have found I enjoy taking new and different classes much more exciting. While I like the idea of running, I feel like I am getting so much stronger with spin/yoga sculp/barre. I think it will also benefit my skiing this season as well. Thanks for making me feel more confident in my decision!

  • Del

    I totally get this. After my son was born, I signed up for my first half and ran a strong race at 9 months post-partum, finishing just over 2:15. It was great motivation to get back in shape, I felt good through my training, and was thankful to get outside after a winter maternity leave. That was last fall; in the year since, I’ve barely run more than 3 miles more than once a week but not because it didn’t feel good. I don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to progressive mileage building and I feel bad leaving my son to run for long periods when I have limited time with him daily as it is, working ft/commuting. I have friends who’ve found ways to remain dedicated to intense training by getting up and hitting the treadmill before work @ 4 am but I just can’t get myself there. I still work out 3-4 times a week but like you say, they’re faster HIIT workouts, a class or something under an hour at the gym. I know it won’t last forever though and my love of running hasn’t faded; it will be there for me as long as I remain active.

  • Dawn Donohue

    Sarah, while I have never run a marathon, I did enjoy half marathons after my second baby to try and lose some baby weight. After all the trainings I eventually lost interest in running and wanted something new. I’ve seen huge progress in my body composition going to Body Burn by Ray in Belmont. I’ve been going there for two years. The trainers are awesome and it’s an incredible workout. Check out their web site, first class is free! ????

  • Kim

    I ran a few half marathons and in this last year, I’ve just lost interest and it’s making it hard. Plus I was running more distance than ever in 2016 but for some reason i’ve just been gaining weight (about 20lbs) since i started really running (5 years ago). Sure cardio is great, but I feel like I’m not as strong as before when i did more resistance training

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