The One Day I Vlogged And It Was Totally Normal

If you follow me on SnapChat, Instagram Stories or read my blog on Friday, you know I was in LA last week. I left of Thursday and flew back on Saturday night. I tried to vlog along the way and remembered for the most part.

Los Aneles Run

I was out there for an event called the Women in YouTube Incubator/Initiative. It was basically a two day event with 47 other female channels that focused on a wide range of niche markets from beauty and LGBTQ, to singing and mommy videos. I ended up hanging out with Ali from Ali Brustofski a lot of the time and had no idea how famous she was, same went for Deva of My Life Suckers, Jen of From Head to Toe, Sara from The Domestic Geek and the ladies of How To Cake It.

I honestly don’t know how I got invited but my only guess is that we are all “down to earth” creators? There are some serious egos in this business and there were NONE at the event. I got to talk to almost all 47 channels, some for just a couple of minutes during a “speed” dating event but am excited to get to know more, including a beauty vlogger from Boston!

I came away from the event completely inspired to take my channel to the next level. I usually feel so awkward vlogging but when you are with a bunch of YOuTubers it’s actually quite normal and many of the other girls were doing it as well. If you are curious about my trip and how I fit in exercise (yes, I’m still Sarah Fit… sorta) while traveling check out my vlog above.


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