Infants + Sleep: Reviewing our Baby Favorites

“How are you doing?”

“Are you sleeping at all? Is the baby sleeping?”

Yep. These are the questions I get asked most often these days. And how an infant sleeps determines a lot in the beginning so selecting what they sleep in can be stressful before they arrive. After reading tons of reviews and researching the best, here are Tommy’s favorite places to sleep and two that I wish got more use!

Fisher Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper

This is where Tommy sleeps the most and sleeps the best, especially when he is swaddled. It’s also the cheapest at just $47.99 on Amazon and available at all big box baby stores. The slight incline relieves reflux which can cause colic, and the sides help baby feel snug. We swaddle Tommy at night and he sleeps in this thing right now for 7 hours straight! He would even sleep for 4-5 hours the first month in this thing.

Rock n Play

Since it is lightweight too, I can move it around the house and bring it with me into the bathroom when I shower. Tommy loves the bathroom fan too so it’s a positive experience for both of us.

Some people worry these are not safe to use as an every night sleeping arrangement. Tommy will be transitioning out of his by 4 months because he is getting too big but it was a godsend for our family and allowed all of us to sleep at night. Some people have found that too much time in the sleeper can cause a baby to develop a flat head but Tommy at his 2 month appointment was fine. You can google it if you want to learn more but too many word of mouth recommendations were right on this one for me.

4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer

I registered for this and really wanted it. I wrote about last week, too in my 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Baby blog post. However, Tommy hated it the first 6 weeks. I thought it was doomed for donation but he started to come around and now at 11 weeks, LOVES his Mamaroo. This is where we put Tommy when he’s in a good mood and we need our hands to make dinner, eat a meal, do laundry, etc. He smiles and coos when he is in it. Nick calls it the spaceship because of its sleek design. Tommy used to cry to let us know he was bored with it but now, it tuckers him out and he falls asleep.

Mamaroo Review

The Mamaroo is a god swing/bouncer that can entertain as well as put Tommy to sleep. It is pretty light weight so we can move it from room to room unlike large swings. It is pricey but Tommy is a fan.

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing

This is like my secret weapon. When Tommy shows signs of being tired during the day, I put him in the Snugapuppy with a Wub-a-Nub and like a machine he is out within a couple of minutes and will stay asleep for hours! It has various speeds and goes side to side only. It also has music and a mobile. Tommy loves the mobile. It is large and not nearly as attractive looking at the Mamaroo but Tommy sleeps in this for long naps downstairs with me while I work. You can’t move it because it’s too clunky. He will eventually be too big and go to his crib but as a newborn, this was a lifesaver.

Snugapuppy Review

Originally I didn’t think I needed a Mamaroo and something like this but they serve two functions for us and Tommy loves them both.

UPPABaby Mesa Infant Car Seat

I dare Tommy each time we put him in his car seat to stay awake. His UPPABaby Mesa Infant Car seat snaps right into his stroller and he loves it! For walks or car rides, Tommy always falls asleep in his car seat. Even after we get home, he sometimes will sleep for an hour in his car seat. Of course they should be buckled in properly so that they do not slump over.

UPPABaby Mesa Review

This is also how bring him when we go out to eat. Usually he falls asleep on the walk over. We leave him in his car seat and rock it back and forth for subtle movement on the floor. It is like the iPhone of car seats. Very sleek and modern looking. If he does wake up, he’s quite content sitting in it just looking around.

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

I originally had planned for Tommy to sleep in the UPPABaby bassinet on the floor next to my side of the bed. However, after our hospital stay, I desperately wanted Tommy in a bassinet with clear walls and at eye level. I ordered the Halo Bassinest from my hospital bed. I love the colors and design but most importantly the transparent walls so I could see Tommy and knew his breathing would not be restricted if he rolled over. At first we thought Tommy slept well in it but then we tried the Rock ‘n’ Play and realized how much better he did on an incline with sides.

Halo Bassinet

Tommy only sleeps in Halo swaddles. They are the only ones he likes out of the 6 brands we own. However, he just doesn’t sleep longer than 3 hours when he is flat on his back right now making this useful for naps. He loves the mobile, too! My pediatrician suggested I try transitioning Tommy into the bassinest at night but every time we try, he sleeps less and less. I still have it next to my bed for when I’m feeling optimistic but when I know I need a good sleep, Tommy sleeps in the Rock ‘n’ Play.

I love the look of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. It is however really heavy so you can’t move it freely. It takes up little floor space too. I love how I could lean over and grab Tommy to nurse in the middle of the night without getting up. It also has pockets for pacifiers, clothes and nipple cream. It also has a vibrating feature, music and lights for underneath and inside the bassinest.

The Halo is the safest place for him to sleep out of all of the things i listed on here according to the experts. The Halo site is also a great resource for safe sleeping. But unfortunately Tommy doesn’t know that so as his mother, I just have to do what works for us. He enjoys it for naps and loves looking at

Tommy didn’t sleep well in the UPPABaby bassinet either so I think it’s just a matter of him not liking the flat surface or the lack of walls hugging his body.

The first two weeks of sleep were hard in that Tommy only wanted to sleep on me. I thought I was creating a monster and I felt terrible when I’d wake up if we both fell asleep while he nursed. I didn’t want to be a co-sleeper but I was one for a little bit. The Rock ‘n’ Play saved me and if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one!

Tommy Crib

And if you’re wondering why he hasn’t slept in a crib yet… here is your answer. Babies are recommended to sleep in your room to reduce the chances of SIDS the first 6 months. Not all moms do the 6 but most do follow the guidelines for at least 2. I don’t want my son to leave yet so we may follow the rule because mom likes her baby being close.

Where did your little one sleep?

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