Keep It Up! Shred Mill Workout #1

If you are looking for a quick cardio workout to do at the gym, Barry’s Bootcamp style, get excited for my new Shred Mill Workout series. Barry’s is loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian because it helps you burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time, melting fat and sculpting muscle, while raising your metabolism for the rest of the day! Treadmills are boring but Shred-mill workouts get you tight and toned fast!

This cardio workout does not include the strength training portion of a Barry’s workout, but I have a options for you here, here and here if you want ‘em!

I’m going to be sharing new treadmill workouts each week as the weather starts to get colder and we become more reluctant to workout outdoors. These workouts are designed to help show you that you don’t need a ton of time to fit in a kick ass workout. I hope they also get you excited for your Wednesday workout. Need a killer playlist? Check out my favorite fall tunes. 

ShredMill 1

Interval workouts like this burn more fat than steady state workouts because they raise your heart rate quick and let it drop before it gets lit up again. This style of training is ideal for conditioning and weight loss. If you are a beginner, use the lower end of the speed range. Depending on your treadmill, you may need to reduce your speeds. We use Woodway which are the best, hands down. Just because they look different at the gym, don’t avoid them!


Come to class in costume on Friday and workout for free with me at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston at 9 am. I will be giving away 3 prizes to the best dressed – Barry’s is also giving away a 5 class pack to the best costume of the day. Now… what should I be considering my YouTube viewers hated my Olaf costume???

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