New Fall 2014 Workout Playlist

Listening to music while working out makes it more enjoyable but did you know it also helps you workout harder? 

“Music is like a legal drug for athletes,” says Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D. from London’s Brunel University school of Sport and Education. “It can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent.”

Fall playlist

Since I’m teaching 6 classes a week, making sure I have a kick ass, new and updated playlist regularly is a challenge. When it comes to my own runs, I don’t care if I listen to the same songs for months but keeping things new and fresh is an important component when you work at a studio like Barry’s Bootcamp that prides itself on having awesome loud music. 

Here is a list of my favorite fall songs for my own cardio workouts and classes.

I use Spotify for most of my classes because it’s easy to make new playlists but I also love discovering new remixes on SoundCloud and Dirrty Remixes. I also am NOT sick of Shake It Off yet but I assume most people are at this point… 

I’m always looking for good new remixes so if you have a favorite, let me know down below!

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