Strong, Sexy, Svelte: Kristin McGee DVD Givewaway

Yesterday was one of the coldest days in Boston that I can remember in a long time. The past couple years, for some reason, I’ve been out of town when the temperatures felt below zero. This called for wearing my ski jacket to work! I was sent a pair of Jaybird earbuds which are Bluetooth headphones and worked perfect for listening to my nutrition class as I walked to work. I was too lazy to tuck them in behind my hood. I commuted in my Nike Free running sneakers and literally had numb and painful toes by the time I arrived.

2013 01 23 09 49 40

The “bluebuds” just stick in your ears and while I haven’t worn them running yet, they have worked great so far on the bike at Equinox. It’s nice to be able to sit up tall for a quick break and not worry about my iPhone falling on the floor. High five if this has happened to you many times, including on the treadmill.

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During lunch, I went to the Bar Method for a 60 minute burn. When I got out, I was starving and decided that since I did not pack a lunch I would attempt to order off of Panera Bread’s hidden menu! After announcing this on Twitter, it occurred to me how hidden the menu really is. Everyone was curious what the heck it was. The options are available online and can not be found in stores. All of them are healthy and under 350 calories. I got the Power Chicken and Hummus plate. It was really good, filling and a little too onion-ey for me but next time I’ll just take some off. For 330 calories and 20 g of protein, this might become my new go to at my favorite fast food lunch spot in Boston (Pret A Manger’s Vegan Salad is now second).

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After work, I felt super tight and decided to try out Kristin McGee’s YogaFlow series from her Strong Sexy Svelte DVD. It was like she was speaking directly to me! The 25 minute video was exactly what I needed for my tight hips. I have been watching Kristin’s videos since 2007, when I discovered On Demand ExerciseTV. Her cues, as always, are perfect. Every time she gently suggests a form correcting tip, it’s like she can see me through the TV. Seriously, she was that dead on. I think she had a barre junkie come in and tell her just what to stretch. The 25-minutes went by quick and by the end, I could tell I was sufficiently stretched out. It was exactly what I needed.

2013 01 23 19 38 33

I checked out the first part of the video which is a YogaTone 25-min workout featuring fast paced yoga moves with weights. It looked great and I’m excited to try it soon. When the weather get’s cold, I’ve always gravitated to doing more workout videos in my home than outdoors or even at the gym.

I gave out a copy of this DVD back in December and am giving out another today! To enter, leave a comment below.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite winter workout?

While mine used to be running outside in the cold (not sub zero cold, like 30’s cold), it has now changed to spinning indoors because it gets your body so warm and sweaty that even if it’s just for 60 minutes, it might be the only time of the day you wish you were not freezing! Skiing is a close second. Giveaway will close on Monday at 8 am!

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