LA to Vegas to Cancun…

It was just a week ago that I flew to LA to shoot more SFit videos.

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On Friday morning, I took off for Las Vegas for a bachelorette party.

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Nineteen of us stayed at the Cosmopolitan hotel for Allison’s bachelorette fiesta. Al (center in white) and I were Sigma Kappa sisters at the University of Delaware and it was so much fun to see and rage with my college besties once again.

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Allison’s future mother-in-law is actually one of the founders of PETA. I’m pretty excited to see the fun vegan food offered at the welcome party the night before the wedding she’s helping host. Of course, the bachelorette party was amazing and made me wish the wedding was next week!

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We went to XS Friday night, Marquee Saturday during the day and then I took an unfortunate red eye home Saturday night at 11pm. It was a quick party but worth every minute. I actually flew Spirit air and didn’t think it was all that bad! I paid $50 for the big seats up front and was able to curl up into a ball in my seat and fall asleep.

Why did I go for such a short time?

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I’m now in Cancun, Mexico for the start of a 12 day work trip! I landed at 7:15AM Sunday morning from Vegas, and was back at Logan airport Monday at 6AM for my flight south of the border. If that sounds like a lot of flying, it is. And rest is not in sight. I guess it’s a good thing I hate to be bored, enjoy working until midnight and waking up at 5AM.

First off, I love Cancun so far. The airport was so easy to get through. No lines on a Monday at 2:30PM. The best part is that the JW Marriott where I’m staying is just 20 minutes away from the airport. In my room, I had a few healthy snacks waiting for me.

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After touring the property, I went for a quick 25 minute run which was a slow mile on the beach and a mile on the pavement. Cancun is surprisingly a runner friendly resort area. I didn’t have much time to fit in anything else and didn’t have the energy either.

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I’m here until Thursday and we (Rachel my videographer and I) will head to Grand Cayman for 3 more days. After that, it’s Saint Thomas and then Saint Kitts. I wish I could tell you I’m sitting by the pool each day but unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to catch up on sleep until the end of June.

Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to in the Caribbean! If you have any fit tips for any of the destinations I’m visiting, please leave them in the comments below.

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