Last Chance To Win an iPad

You still have time to join my New Years Challenge with Inside Tracker. Two winners will be given a brand new iPad air or mini. Some of you have voiced concern about the challenge and for that reason, I’m having a live chat with those of you who are interested in learning more. You can get all the details regarding the challenge here, but here are the serious perks:

Know your numbers!

Are you always tired because you are not getting enough vitamin D? Is your body able to metabolize glucose efficiently? How is your liver doing after all those years of binge drinking? InsideTracker allows you to discover how healthy you really are or are not. Because many health insurance plans these days are bare bones, your plan may not fully cover tests and you end up with a bill! InsideTracker is cheaper than your doctor making it affordable out of pocket expense to stay healthy through preventative care!  Lastly, docrots don’t give you the tips you need to enhance and optimize your numbers. It would cost you more to have it done at a doctor’s officer and they only notify you if something is terribly wrong. Use code: FITCHALLENGE14 to save 20% and so we know you are participating in the challenge.

You just need to take a blood test at the beginning and end of the 8 week challenge – which is included in the cost of your two kits. You have until January 16th to sign up and get your blood drawn.  Whoever improves their health the most, wins the Apple swag after 8 weeks. Make 2014 count.


You can do this. If you have questions, are on the fence about joining and just aren’t sure if it’s for you, join me tomorrow at 3 pm for a Google+ Hangout. It will be recorded so you can watch at a later day. To join,


Also tomorrow I will be hosting my first Google+ Hangout for The Biggest Loser. Yes, that Biggest Loser. We will talking with former winner Danni from season 14 and she will be sharing one her BL Ranch inspired workouts to jump start your New Year’s routine. Be sure to tune in tonight to NBC at 8/7central. More details can be found here.

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