It’s a new year and your resolutions to eat better are in full swing. When you get to the grocery store, what do you do? Bring a list and spend $100 to make all the recipes in your new diet book or stick with the staples you know work for your lifestyle?

When I have a busy month or week coming up, I only put foods in my basket that are not going to go bad and I know how to cook. I hate when I have to throw out good produce and this happens often when I get over excited about complex recipes from the latest book. I love Kris Carr but her recipes are intricate! Starting a vegan diet takes a lot of time and research at first.

I partnered with Green Giant – one of my favorite companies for frozen veggies on a budget – to bring you this grocery haul for staple items to keep in a healthy kitchen. We also included a few of my favorite swaps at the end. If you are craving BBQ potato chips, we have a healthier alternative to that. Can’t stick to one serving of trail mix? Yep, a healthy swap is included in that too.

For more recipes using Green Giant items, check out their Giant Difference site, including this Crunchy Corn with Kale and Chicken Slaw.  These recipes are awesome for when you don’t have a ton of produce on hand.

Green Giant Crunchy Corn with Kale and Chicken Slaw

What is one item that you ALWAYS have on hand in your fridge or freezer?

Grocery Haul for Staple Items in My Kitchen

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  • Kristin

    I have been a reader for a while and really enjoy your blogs for motivation. I really love your grocery haul posts, but this one was heavy on green giant products. It was more of a commercial than an informative video. I love it when realistic swaps are offered, but carrots instead of chips??? I love carrots, but they could never be a swap for chips.

    • Sarah

      Hi Kristin, Thanks for your honest comment. GreenGiant I felt was an easy fit for my brand since I really do use frozen veggies on a weekly basis. They were looking for swaps using only the products that we could find locally with their new packaging -- yes they have new packaging. When it came time to brain storm ideas for the video -- mine was to feature a grocery haul. The client was excited about showing swaps so to appease both ends, we combined the two ideas into one. I get contacted by various brands on a daily basis and I’m really picky about which ones I choose to feature which is why I rarely do product reviews on here. Most that are featured, I buy myself at the store and not because I’m contacted by a PR girl. I like basics, fruits and veggies. Green Giant was a great opportunity to feature items I really do eat on a regular basis. I’m sorry the swaps seem a bit forced and I hope it doesn’t deter you from coming back.

      • Kristin

        Thanks for responding! I realize that this is a business and sponsorship is part of that business. I will definitely keep reading. I enjoy all of your healthy and helpful tips.

  • Cait

    I completely agree with Kristin and I usually love your grocery haul posts! I’m disappointed in the amount of advertising, questionable posts and salesy gimmicks. I much preferred the original content. That being said I know we all have to make a living somehow…

  • Livi

    Some sort of grain- like rice or quinoa- some protein {frozen fish or vegetable protein} and some frozen vegetables. Perfect to throw together a weeknight dinner!

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