Latest Obsessions: What’s in my gym bag update

Before Tommy, I didn’t have a gym bag really. I mean, I have gym bags, but I didn’t use them to shower at the gym. Now, I take full advantage of having someone watch my child so I can get cleaned up.

Bloggers, like magazine editors, have products sent to them to try. Some make it on to the blog, others do not. This personal guide features products I bought on my own and ones that have become favorites after first being gifted.

Ame and Lulu

The Essential Bag

First up I wanted to feature this bag because it is adorable. It is from Ame and Lulu. This local brand has the cutest, preppiest bags and their small signature duffle is on point. I brought it to Chapel Hill, NC as my carry on and also love to use it as a combo diaper/gym bag. Tommy’s diaper bag is not big enough to fit my stuff so instead of having two, I combine our essentials.

My Clean Face Must Have

Next is the MiaFit. I have always been obsessed with washing my face. I think it started in high school when I got my first breakouts. I can’t remember a day I didn’t wash my face in the morning and at night, even on the latest of nights. I admit that I’m late to the Clarisonic bandwagon, but I love this compact brush because you can feel how clean your face really is. It is easily rechargeable and waterproof, so it’s safe in the shower. If I workout with make up on, this is the only way I feel like I can remove it all from my face gently. Your skin feels softer after just one use.

MiaFit Review

Summer Moisturizer

I always make sure to use SPF on my face to protect it from the sun, but I also want a little summer glow. This self tanning moisturizer from First Aid Beauty is light weight, odor free and natural looking.

Gym Bag Must Haves

Stink Free, Natural Deoderant

I’ve been on a conquest to discover a natural deodorant that works. I did like the Thai crystal spray but rarely used it because I had to remember to put it on well before my clothes to let it dry and kept forgetting. I wanted a stick that worked. I discovered Ursa Major at Follain, a local natural beauty store and haven’t looked back. It was $18 and worth every penny. It has a nice smell and makes me feel confident in the studios.

Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

Living Proof

I like taking showers but doing my hair after a workout is a little too time consuming so often I just use a dry shampoo. I discovered this one by Living Proof last year during a campaign, and I have found that is legit is the best one I’ve tried. It adds volume and gets rid of the greasy glare.

My Workout Essential

Ok, so I wasn’t going to include obvious things like headphones but wanted to share these because they really are amazing for comfort and staying put during a workout. These Uvero custom fit earbuds are the solution for anyone who has difficulty finding headphones that fit! I had these shaped for specifically my ears at the Boston Marathon expo and love the sound quality and performance. They never fall out and have great audio.


I know not all of your are willing to drop big bucks on earphones so I asked who the demographic was… audiophiles and serious athletes that rely on their music to carry them through the finish line. The same people that buy the Beats by Dre headphones, I guess. They do a great job at cancelling out noise from outside but you have the option to choose a set that allows some noise is for city running and things like that.

I of course have sneakers and clothes inside my workout bag and you can see what else by watching the video on YouTube, link is here! As for makeup, it’s just a little mascara and that’s it.

What’s in your gym bag?

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