New Community Leader for The Laughing Cow!

I am excited to announce that I am one of the newest Community Leaders for The Laughing Cow.  This is a huge opportunity for me personally. Not only have I loved The Laughing Cow products since I was in 4th grade but it is a brand I love and use almost daily.

If you visit The Laughing Cow website, you will see my mug on the bottom of the page along with 3 other amazing women, Roni, Sarah and Patricia.  My role really isn’t changing since I’ve been creating recipes with The Laughing Cow cheese since I started SarahFit.com.  One new job I will have is creating exclusive workout videos for The Laughing Cow Community which is exciting and will hopefully bring in new viewers! I hope you will go over and check out the other blog posts from rest of the community leaders.  Have an amazing long weekend everyone.

Check out my recipes so far that I have posted featuring The Laughing Cow here.

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