Do you have cheat days or cheat meals?

When trying to “eat healthy” or “be good” we often deprive ourselves of foods we may be craving or love. However, depriving yourself may lead to bingeing which can set off a chain reaction of unhealthy behaviors.  
“I’ll start my healthy eating habit tomorrow,” or “Today is my cheat day,” are common unhealthy excuses and/or habits to get into.  Having one cookie is not going to erase your hard work in the gym for the week.  Having an entire box, will.  There are two strategies I suggest if you have a hard time knowing when enough is enough:
  • Need help with self control?  Find the foods that cause you to binge.  Don’t eat them.  Don’t buy them.  Don’t keep them in the house.  If you must, go out and buy a single cookie. Order a small ice cream.  Don’t keep a stash lying around.     
  • So you ate too much at one meal?  Count it towards one of your cheat meals.  Give yourself 2 cheat meals a week.  Not days, cheat meals.  If you mess up one day, count that towards your cheat meal.  If you have practiced good self control all week, enjoy two cheat meals on the weekend.  Enjoy brunch on Sunday or dinner on Saturday but don’t go all out both days, for all three meals.  Cheat days are a recipe for disaster.  Instead, aim for cheat meals.

Your challenge this week is to limit yourself to 2 cheat meals and stop the bingeing.  I know you can do it! If you need help, ask me on Twitter!  


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