Life Time Fitness Chestnut Hill Review

Life Time Fitness to me was just a big gym before I stepped into one. After just one visit though, I now realize it’s a way of life. Ok, that statement may be an exaggeration but I honestly think I could spend 3+ hours at this place every day if I just lived a little closer.


The new Chestnut Hill location for Life Time Fitness is in the old Atrium mall. I grew up going to the Atrium shopping at Abercrombie and J.Crew, eating at The Cheesecake Factory and even getting a sweet 16 necklace from the Tiffany’s where all used to be located inside the mall. It’s now been taken over by Lifetime and the results are GORGEOUS.

Chestnut Hill Lifetime Fitness Atrium

Selfie at Lifetime Fitness Chestnut Hill

Right on Route 9 technically in Newton, the location is in good company of other fitness favorites like Equinox, SoulCycle, soon to be Barry’s Bootcamp, YogaWorks, BTone Fitness and more.

If you’re reading this, likely you know I’m a studio gal but what Lifetime has that these do not is as follows…

First, they have 90+ weekly classes and you don’t have to worry about signing up a week in advance. From Barre, Pilates and Yoga to Spin, Bootcamp and other signature classes there is something for everyone.

I took a class called Barbell Strength led by Ali which was packed at 9:30 am on a Friday. The people in class varied from 60+ year old men and women to people my age and younger. It felt very similar to a Body Pump class. While I didn’t sweat a ton, but triceps and chest were so sore for days afterwards. You can view the class schedule here. 

However, if group ex is not your thing, there is plenty of equipment on the beautifully lit floor as well space for your own strength training workout or personal training sessions.

Lifetime Fitness Chestnut Hill Cardio

Lifetime Fitness Personal Training Area Chestnut Hill

Kids Academy

I get asked to visit a lot of the new gyms in the area and I usually can’t go because I have Tommy to take care of. I usually feel bad dumping him in babysitting but at Life Time Fitness, I felt like I was dropping him off at school. There were kids for him to play with as well as organized “classes” like Toddler Education, arts and crafts, story art, gymnastics and more.

Lifetime Fitness Kids Center

When I dropped Tommy off, it felt very safe and secure. He could have cared less and didn’t even notice that I left. I think the max time you can leave the child is 2 hours but there are also mom and baby/child classes too that you can take like Toddler Fitness which I really wanted to take but had to run.

The Kids Academy is a parents dream come true. After sharing my visit on Instagram stories, I had so many friends who now live in the suburbs reach out to tell me how much their families love Life Time Fitness. For a full list of programs for kids, you can check it out here but it varies from swimming lessons to cognitive learning skills to sports programs.

I know Equinox has babysitting and preschool alternative classes but Kids Academy can’t be beat in my opinion and a pretty awesome suburbia perk if you ask me.

The Spa

So not only can you drop off your child and workout, but you can also get a massage, hair cut, manicure, and facial at Life Time Fitness. I did not get one of these treatments but I could have easily enjoyed a relaxing 20 minutes in the Jacuzzi or Steam Room.

Salon at Chestnut Hill Lifetime Fitness

In the women’s locker room, it felt like a zen lounge just past the showers for anyone to enjoy!

Jacuzzi Hot Tub at Lifetime Fitness Chestnut Hill
Lifetime Fitness Relaxing Area Chestnut Hill

Bar and Restaurant

After I picked up Tommy, I realized he was probably starving and I wanted something to eat too. There is a restaurant with a full menu for a grab and go or sit down experience. I didn’t even think the menu would have kid offerings so I grabbed Tommy his favorite cheese crackers from Late July but then noticed after ordering a smoothie they had baked chicken nuggets and other healthy lunch offerings.
Lifetime Fitness Kids Snacks
Lifetime Fitness Food Chestnut Hill
The options looked healthy and delicious but since I was eager to get home for someone to nap, we did the quick options.

On the other side of the cafe area is a lounge and bar area which would be awesome to enjoy as a date night with babysitting!

Final Thoughts

I wish I lived closer to Life Time Fitness!!!!!! I would honestly spend all day here if I could. It was only a 25 minute drive but Tommy fell asleep both on the way there and home (of course he did). I got in a great workout,  I felt like he was entertained while also being provided educational stimulation. It’s so hard for me to find time to get my hair or nails done being his care provider so I dreamt of being able to come here and just have the ability to do those things.

Also, if you are a member, you have access to all the other Life Time Fitness facilities which include the beautiful Westwood and Framingham locations that have amazing outdoor pools, perfect for summer.

This isn’t a paid post but I was given a complimentary day pass to try out the gym. I loved it so much I had to share it with you guys on here.

What is your favorite class at Life Time if you are a current member?

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