VIDEO| How To Workout With A Toddler (Fitness Parody)

This video was shot unintentionally. I had planned to do a workout video but timing got messed up and Tommy woke up early. My sitter had already left and we can’t shoot workout videos inside my apartment if he is awake. Soooooo we thought we would try to shoot a workout video outside.

Well, as soon as we started to film, he was getting into everything. Eating dirt, picking up rocks, being a typical toddler boy. I should have known better.

You see, on Instagram, I see these moms doing workouts with their kids and they look so calm, sweaty and accomplished! It gave me false hope that I too could get in an actual workout while my son was near by playing happily.

Instead of the planned video, we decided to show what it’s really like to try and get in a workout while watching your toddler. It’s impossible…

Enjoy 🙂

At what age, can you actually workout with your child present and not feel like they are going to choke on a rock, run into the street or fall off the jungle gym set?

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