Loving My New Curves + Stitch Fix Maternity Haul

Maternity clothes are something that you look forward to buying but then when the time comes, it’s not nearly as much fun as you had hoped. Styles are not as cute, the ones you like are too expensive and the pants keep falling down. Now try shopping with a toddler while being pregnant… all the fun gets taken out real quick.

I partnered with Stitch Fix today to share with you a clothing haul featuring items from their maternity Fix options, an amazing way to find clothes that match your style, budget and fit great, without leaving your house. I love being able to try things on that have been chosen specifically for me at home because it always makes me feel good about myself and my body, especially when it’s changing!

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 (10)

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a personal styling service where stylists learn what you like based on your style, shape and budget. You can get a Fix anytime you want. Either on-demand or on a regular cadence – every few weeks, once a month or every season. Keep what you love, send back the rest with your pre-paid shipping bag at any USPS mailbox. Returns are super easy & free.

I actually visited their HQ about 3 years ago with some of my favorite healthy living blogger friends. It was probably one of my most favorite work travel trips to date!


They carry women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X, maternity and petite, and men’s sizes XS-XXL. I do not have time to go shopping these day so having new dresses, pants and tops delivered to my doorstep during this pregnancy feels like a luxury. Stitch Fix has 1,000+ brands including some are my favorites for maternity wear so I make sure to request them in the notes to my stylist and include them on my Pinterest board that I share with her too!

You just pay $20 to have your Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep. If you keep all five pieces, you get a 25% discount on your entire purchase! Shipping and returns are always free.

For the month of January however, you can get your styling fee waved! Just click here to get started. 

So let’s get to my fix… I mentioned to my stylist that I was newly pregnant and wanted stuff I could wear throughout my pregnancy. I wanted something from Ingrid and Isabel because I love their stuff. Having clothes that make you feel good during pregnancy, I learned is important and I prefer the tighter options to show off my growing bump rather than try to hide it under flowing tops and dresses. My stylist nailed this Fix but I’m picky so I made a few tough decision and sent back some items I actually love for practicality purposes.

#1. Giza Maternity Cold Shoulder Knit Top

This was my favorite! This top from Tart was totally confusing to put on at first but I’m obsessed with it. The cold shoulder is sorta sexy and the black is flattering and the fabric is so soft. It hugs all the right places and is long. It’s a tunic but I swear I could wear it as a dress. I feel like it can be dressed up or down. This was $58 and I had to keep it! I thought this would be good for videos but also I can wear it out to dinner and even on weekends hanging out with friends because it’s simply so comfortable.

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 Black Cold Shoulder Tart top

#2. Beyond Yoga Felicity Maternity Legging

My second favorite item was from Beyond Yoga featuring the Felicity Maternity Legging. I can totally wear these now and until I give birth probably, although they will likely get a little warm the end of June. They are so, so soft. They are $118 so a bit pricey but a keeper for me because good maternity leggings are hard to come by!

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 Beyond Yoga Leggings Outside

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter Leggings Beyond Yoga

#3. Velvet Black Vest

Next is a vest that I really loved BUT it’s frigid out in Boston right now and by the time it is vest season, I won’t be able to wear this. I can’t justify buying something that I’ll plan to wear next fall so this is going back even though I love it. To be honest, I probably would have kept it if it were for the striped shirt below…

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 velvet vest black

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 (7)

#4. Bodycon Green Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Dress

So this my favorite picture we took showing off the clothes and while I LOVED this dress, I didn’t keep it. It made me feel sexy and confident and it looked great on me. It’s from Ingrid and Isabel and was only $88 which is really good for a GOOD maternity dress, trust me! It’s a dark green but it’s really for someone who is really pregnant not my 14 week mini bump.

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 Ingrid and Isabel Dress

By the time this dress would fit, it would be getting warm and I know myself, I would sweat like crazy is these sleeves and you’d totally be able to see because of the color. It looks darker in this photo. I have a very similar dress in Black from Stitch Fix when I was pregnant with Tommy and I wore it a bunch but ended up being overdressed for so many occasions because it was that comfortable. That being said, I need more casual, comfortable maternity clothes and I don’t think I need two long sleeve body con dresses. If it was sleeveless, I would have kept it. To be honest, I would have kept this and the vest but I really didn’t like the 5th clothing item.

Had I kept all 5, I would have saved over $100!

#5. Striped Bell Sleeve French Terry Top

But I just didn’t love this top and couldn’t justify keeping something I didn’t like just because it saved me some money on items I actually liked.

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 (14)

This was labeled as a terry top that I don’t think is maternity but it could be worn pregnant for sure since it is so loose. I don’t love big stripes, especially with a growing belly and the sleeves were not for me or feeding a toddler. I just felt frumpy in it where as the other pieces made me feel strong and confident. It would have cost me $300 total to keep everything but instead I spent a little more than half to keep 2 out of 5. It’s always a numbers game for me.

Stitch Fix Maternity Winter 2018 Bell Sleeve Top

But because of the striped top, I opted to send back the dress and vest and save that money for something I’ll be able to wear in the spring with my bump.

I may regret sending back the green dress… I think I already do but I can’t keep something just because it looks good. I have to a date or event I know I’ll wear it to! I recently acquired too many “sexy” pieces of clothing because they looked good on but I never have anywhere to wear them and now I’m pregnant so they look awful! I’ve worn most only 1 time… and you’ve probably seen that time on Instagram haha.

I’ve already signed up for another Fix and this time I’m going to be more specific about weather and size of bump appropriateness. Since Tommy was born in the winter and this one is due almost exactly six months later, my existing maternity wardrobe is not helpful.

I spend so much time taking care of my body, pregnant and not, it’s important for me to wear clothes that make me look good and feel confident. Stitch Fix stylists know how to do that and when they miss, that’s OK because now I get to look forward to another Fix in a month.

Try Stitch Fix without a styling fee this month using my link here.

You have about 3 days to try everything on and then send back what you don’t want to keep. I have kept mine for longer because, #momlife, and I haven’t been penalized… yet! But it’s super easy to drop the USPS bag in a mail bin.

This post is sponsored by my friends at Stitch Fix. All thoughts and opinion were honest! 

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