What To Do in Boston, Boston Common Workout | Wellness Travel

I get a lot of question about what to do in Boston, specifically, where to workout, best running routes, favorite healthy restaurants and more. I decided to start a new series featuring my favorite healthy spots in Boston with Wellness Travel videos.

Here is the first video, featuring one of my favorite places to go running or get in a body weight hiit workout in Boston, Boston Common. This is also a popular spot for people training for the Boston Marathon hills. Check it out!

Let me know what your favorite healthy spot in Boston is down below in the comments or what you’d like more recommendations for.

What To Do in Boston, Boston Common Workout | Wellness Travel

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  • Jenny

    Favorite healthy food is by far Chloe (I eat plant based so it’s perfect) and Dig Inn! I was JUST looking through your old posts for studio recommendations! 🙂 Perfect timing. What about your favorite boutique fitness studios in Back Bay / South End, not necessarily with childcare? I’ll be down there later in January and would love to take a HIIT/bootcamp class and a yoga class. Thanks!!

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